Kobas third-party integration guides and settings

This article lists all of the third-party software that we integrate with and indexes the articles that explain how they work and

Last updated 07 Jul 2023



Managing multiple standalone systems can have a negative impact on productivity, efficiency, and data transparency. Kobas is built on a philosophy of doing as much as possible, in one place.

The reality is, there are some areas best left to other experts. And, we know that you and your teams may have a preferred platform for a certain area within the business. That’s fine, everyone has their favourites, us included!

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Payment services


We have partnerships primarily with these PDQ (Card Machine) payment providers. Please click the links for more information on integrating your PDQ's or using them without integration.

Global Payments
Payment Plus
Stripe Stripe is our only provider for Online Ordering payments. 

Accounting and finance

Xero Xero is popular accounting software, and our integration sends over the financial data from Kobas to Xero. 
Sage50 Accounting Sage Accounting is another popular accounting software. Our integration allows for the downloading of Cash Log data in a format that can then be uploaded to Sage Accounting.
Sage50 Payroll Sage Payroll is a very popular payroll processing system. Our integration allows the exporting of formatted CSV files for Sage.
VT Transactions+ VT Transactions+ is account software. Kobas provides CSV exports that can be directly imported into VT Software’s Transaction+ program.
We have a limited export available based on the VT report. Full integration is not currently available and is not on our roadmap for the next 12 months. Please contact the Support Help Desk.

Reservations and bookings

DesignMyNight DesignMyNight is an industry table reservations platform, which has the ability to take deposits. It is this function that integrates with Kobas so that deposits can be taken off bills in the venue.

Inn Style offers clients a system for room booking, perfect for small accommodation providers. The integration with Kobas allows the customer to only receive one bill (for accommodation as well as food and drink) and pay at once (either in Kobas or InnStyle).

Online ordering and loyalty


Preoday is a third-party Online Ordering platform, which can fully integrate with your Kobas EPoS. You can push your Kobas menus onto your Preoday account, and receive online orders from Preoday in real-time to your docket printers in-venue.


Deliverect allows you to track & manage online orders from multiple channels on one screen. The integration allows orders to be received and reconciled through Kobas.

Benefits and communication

Hastee Pay Kobas facilitate employee benefits through a partnership with Hastee Pay, an award-winning “income smoothing” service that revolutionises the way employees can be paid. The Kobas integration passes pay information for opted-in employees to Hastee Pay.

The integration between Kobas and Yapster will send staff details to Yapster, which is a company communication platform.


Marketing Platforms

Facebook / Meta Pixel

A CIC Integration which allows you to track customer data and behaviour on your Online Ordering web app. Enabling you to measure and analyse your Meta marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics 4 A CIC Integration which allows you to measure traffic and engagement across your Online Order web app.
MailChimp MailChimp is an Email Marketing service which integrates with Kobas Loyalty, activating this will allow you to automate personalised journies for your customers. You can also integrate Mailchimp with Wireless Social or Splash Access.
Wireless Social & Splash Access These WiFi login providers capture your customer's details, and when used with Kobas you can market to these customers using our MailChimp integration. 


File transfer integrations

Our Report Engine allows us to schedule reports to send by email or file transfer. This feature allows us to schedule reports to send by email, or file transfer (FTP, SFTP or AWS S3). This allows us to integrate with partners who require automated information from your Kobas account. This could include partners such as Yapster who run staff incentive campaigns.