Other ways to pay (including using deposits)

Cash and card might be the most common way your customers pay for their orders, but there are other ways to process sales through Kobas.

Last updated 02 Aug 2022

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Note: The permission required to Redeem Deposits and OTP's on your EPoS is EPoS – Local > Framework > Redeem Deposits and Other Payment Types

Redeeming a Deposit

Not attached to a reservation

Deposits are likely to be placed for a group event rather than one-off purchases, so with this in mind, a deposit can only be redeemed through your EPoS when it is associated with a tab.

Deposits can be redeemed as either a Part Payment or when Settling the tab. Go into a tab and click on either Settle or Part Pay.

Next to Money, Discounts you will need to select Pre-Paid, and you will see a Redeem Deposit button like in the screenshot below.


This button takes you to a keypad where you are able to enter the value of the deposit to be redeemed.

Note that when deposits are taken, loyalty points aren't accrued. Points are accrued at the time of redemption.

Top Tip: Enter the deposit as part payment when the tab is first established, as the tab will go into credit to the value of the deposit. This allows your staff to advise customers on the remaining balance of their deposit as various items are redeemed against it.

Attached to a reservation

Where you use our Reservation system (either standalone or with an integration), you should attach the reservation to the tab. This will pull through any deposits attached to that reservation. See this article for how to do this on your EPoS.

Top Tip:

What if I need to retain a deposit for a no show?

If you wish to retain a deposit for a no show (or any situation), you can have this to be reflected in your cash log for the day by completing these steps:

  • Create an EPoS Item called something like "Deposit Retained" assigned to an appropriate Lead Type.
  • You can open the reservation to a tab in the normal way
  • Add the EPoS Item you have just created and settle the tab.

You will lose the ability to record the reservation as "no show", but the amount retained from the deposit will make its way into your cash log.


Other Payment Types

Creating custom payment types

This feature is coming soon. Please check for updates.

If you require a custom payment type prior to this update, please contact our Support Help Desk.

Users with the relevant permissions can navigate to Administration > Payment Types. On this page you are able to create any custom Other Payment Type, and ensure this is available to all venues, or restrict to certain venues.

View our PDQ Troubleshooting page to see how to automatically create the PDQ Standalone payment type.

You wont be able to create/edit our hard-coded payment types: Cash, Card, Voucher, Deliverect, Preoday, Stripe, Loke, EOTHO, InnStyle, PDQ Standalone.

Note: Integrations that need to log payments will set up their own Other Payment Type when you activate them.

Using on EPoS

Both tabs and orders can be settled using any of these Other Payment Types, alongside Cash, Card, or Deposit Redeemed. These will be available through the Take Payment screen, using the Other button.


This will present you with each of your custom payment options. Simply click on any of them, and the amount you entered previously will be paid against that payment type.



Each custom payment type has its own field on the Till X/Z, and in turn, is included in the Closing Tasks Cash Declaration. Your Cash Logs display the total of all your custom payments as “Other Payment Types”, with a breakdown of each one for your records. From there, you are able to export CSVs of your Cash Log report with these fields included.


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