Kobas releases and updates 2023

This article will keep you updated with major changes to the system throughout 2023.

Last updated 25 Oct 2023

We also maintain a Change Log on our website for our EPoS and Cloud. You can also see our Updates 2022 page, and Frequent Support Requests.


KDS Source Suppression You can now suppress orders from certain tills, table areas or delivery integrations from showing on specific KDS stations.
Visual reports are now available for Gift Cards You can now see visual representations of purchase, use and expiration over time.
Stock Usage History Report is now available This report lists each individual instance of a stock usage being recorded, sales, waste, comps, etc showing who logged this and where. The report can be exported.
The Deliverect Integration now sends all Consumption Mode pricing We have taken advantage of an improvement by Deliverect and now send over prices for Eat In, Takeaway and Delivery for your menus.



Ability to add an Admin Fee to transactions on the CIC You can now add an Admin Fee to your CIC transactions.
You can now download a list of your EPoS items with their theoretical cost price and GP% This allows you to see at a glance the theoretical GP% and Retail vs Cost price of each item you sell. You can still use this tool to make changes to Retail Prices on mass.
Limit how many holiday days an Irregular Hours staff member can request beyond their accrual. You can now limit how many Holiday Days an Irregular Hours staff member can request over their Accrued amount.



Tab Part Payment tips on Card Integration Tips are now registered when Part Paying tabs using the Dojo and Paymentsense integration
Line Check reporting and visibility We have reporting available that now gives you better visibility of your Line Checks so that you can identify any issues and discrepancies that arise. 



Labour Costs Report can now be exported to CSV, and shows Rota category breakdown We have now added detail to this report, which now includes the rota category breakdown on the cost of Hours Worked. You can now also export this report into a CSV. This allows much more flexibility in analysing rota costings.
Stock Usage Report export now includes all of the on-screen detail We have upgraded the export to show all of the information in both the on-screen table, and the further detail pop-up all in one place. This can make identifying overall variances easier and performing the investigation. 
Item Sales (All) Report can now be filtered by Till This report now has an optional Till filter which allows you to analyse sales from specific tills.
PDQ Stand Alone payments can now be made when using integration for Reservations. When you have your PDQ's integrated, you can activate an option to record manual stand-alone payments as well as using the integration. This now applies to Reservation payments taken.
Labour Analysis updates

Further to our change in May 2023 to how we display Holiday costings, we have now made the following additions:

  • The Hours Export now includes the holiday hours for salaried staff.
  • The Holidays Taken report now also includes salaried staff.
Stock Ingredient Movements Report

This report can now cope with larger datasets as it generates offline. Note that really large requests can take upward of an hour to generate due to the sheer volume of data that has to be analysed. 

Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager

Clients will now have the option to opt-in to Google tag manager integration on CIC. This will allow them to get access to many more events and data from a user’s journey through CIC Online Ordering. When integrating this new data layer with their GA4 dashboard they will be able to build more custom reporting and in-depth analysis tools unique to their needs. This will also give clients access to other integrations we currently don’t provide: like Google ads, Microsoft bing ads, TikTok and more.



Sage 200 Export We now have the option to export your Cash Log in a Sage 200 formatted export.
Google Analytics 4 Integration We now integrate with Google Analytics 4 with our CIC allowing you to analyse your customers using your online ordering
Scheduled Report Engine We've added a report that will give you your Z-Read per till for each day.



Ended Venues in reporting We have now ensured that all report filters are available for all "ended" venues so you can see information even when a venue is closed. If you "delete" the venue, the data will remain in your account but you will no longer see the option for the venue in your reports.
Rota Holiday Costing We have changed how Holiday costs are displayed on the Rota page, to be consistent across the page. The Rota page now only shows accrual figures, and taken holiday appears in the Holidays Taken report.
Modifers and Batches We have changed terminology within Kobas and Modifiers have now replaced Post Item Select Configurations (PISCs) and Batches have replaced Stock Products.
Stock Usage Comparison Report: revenue from items and modifiers without linked recipes We have ensured that all revenue is captured within the Stock Usage Comparison Report. We have now added a line that captures all revenue received for items and modifiers that have no attached ingredients at the headline of the report.
KDS Font Size customisation (available only to those using KDS) We have added the ability to change the font size for individual elements of the screen, individual to each station.



Limited access to your own Staff HR Profile We have made changes now to ensure data security, by limiting the view a staff member has of their own profile. This allows documentation held on an HR Profile to remain confidential if required. Managers are responsible for directly sharing relevant documentation with staff that pertains to their own HR as appropriate. Please note that Administrators in the account can see and edit their own profile.
Report Upgrade: Stock Ingredient Movement report

This report can be loaded for 9 venues on the screen, or all venues if exported, for any date range. The report shows theoretical stock usage by ingredient. You can see the average, maximum and last delivery information. This is a good way to review and compare venue ingredient ordering habits across a period, and spot anomalies.

This report now shows Total Delivery Value which would be useful to see how much of an ingredient has been ordered per venue (or total across the group). This is useful for negotiating with suppliers, amongst other reasons.

We have made the visual interface of the report easier, with jump buttons to categories. You can also view a breakdown of where the sales have come from for each venue from this report.

Updates to the "from" price logic on your CIC

When you have a PISC that can change the price of an item (by adding a mixer, or additional toppings for example), then the CIC Online Ordering platform will show your customers the "from" price. We have expanded this function so that the system shows the genuinely minimum price, taking into consideration any prices added to the EPoS item, the PISC and whether the PISC's are optional or mandatory. This will assist businesses wishing to analyse their revenue by ingredient, allowing a better configuration of their system.


Kobas now displays Service Charge from Preoday. Bills in Kobas and the subsequent reporting will now include Service Charge added in Preoday.


The ability to toggle KDS on and off. By keeping KDS turned off in venues where it isn't yet live, you will avoid having to clear off all of the orders prior to go-live.
Separate permissions to manage KDS States and Builds. This allows clients to better manage access to the system and prevent unwanted changes.
The ability to have separate KDS Builds per venue. This allows for EPoS items to be shared across the group but where venue kitchens require different KDS routing.
The ability to view and re-open completed orders from the same session on the KDS screen. This adds a great operational function to allow kitchen staff to find orders already marked as completed and open them. This could be where an order is marked as complete in error, or it needs remaking following a complaint, for instance. This could also be re-opened by front-of-house staff.
Visibility of order and item notes on the KDS main view This allows kitchen staff to see at a glance without pressing further options, to see the notes on items and orders.
Moving an order on KDS when moved or renamed on EPoS. This ensures that KDS keeps track of changes to orders and tabs in EPoS, whilst keeping confusion in the kitchen to a minimum. 


Detailed change logging for financial elements of Daily Tasks completed. We have now logged who has made changes to the financial figures within Cash Bags, Cash Logs, Till Float, and Safe Logs. Changes are then displayed as an "info-bubble" next to the figure, detailing who made the change and when, as well as the original and new value. This will allow quicker and easier variance investigations, as well as allowing clearer accountability.
Filtering for the Sales Breakdown Report updated. We have added options to the venue filters on this report, including the ability to select and de-select all venues.
Automated voucher application to better secure and monitor your Staff Discount. We have developed an automated script which will check for your current staff and apply staff discount vouchers automatically to their customer profile, as per the parameters that you provide. You can also then report on this usage.