Training for administrators: configuring your account

This online training guides you through the various settings you will need to configure to get the best out of Kobas, depending on which pillars you are using.

Last updated 25 May 2022

Once you have access to your account, before you begin trading with Kobas, you will need to review your account configuration.

Kobas would also advise longstanding clients, to review these settings, to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the business.

Reviewing the account configuration must be undertaken by an Administrator on the account.

Check out our Glossary for terminology you may be unsure about.


System Settings


Staff User Permission Levels

Kobas System Preferences

These settings dictate how your Kobas system operates globally.

Venue & Hardware Settings


Venues, Areas & Territories

Managing your Tills

Setting up an iPad Till

Managing Virtual EPoS

Managing your Printers

These settings allow you to set up different local settings for venues, areas, and even different tills.

Operations Settings


Daily Tasks Configuration

Defining global categories

These settings will frame your daily workflow for managing your operation and are essential to set.

Customer Settings


Activating your CIC

Further setup pages for individual elements on the CIC can be found on this link.

These settings relate to your customer-facing online portal and are essential if you are using this service.

Integration Settings


Kobas third-party integration guides and configuration settings

If you plan to integrate with any of our partner systems, you will need to ensure the correct settings are in place.

Labour management settings


Creating Rota Roles, Departments, and Sales Budgets

This page will allow you to create some of the fundamental settings that feed into your labour management and financial planning.

You may also wish to view some other useful information:

When you visit the Knowledge Base homepage, you will also find information relating to recent updates and frequent support requests.

Your landing page

As an account "Administrator", when you log into Kobas Cloud, you will be taken to the Billing page automatically instead of the landing page, where an invoice is showing as overdue. 

You may also notice the red banner on your account from time to time, stating "Your Kobas Account cloud license will soon expire". This will only display to Administrators. If you wish to discuss billing or licensing further, please email

Administrators must also each sign the "Terms and Conditions" on the billings page. This accepts all of our general usage terms, as well as your pricing schedule. All new Administrators will need to sign the T&C's before they can access their account. The account as a whole also needs at least one administrator to have accepted their T&C's before any user can use the account.

Top Tip: All users can amend the information on their landing page, read here.

Final notes

Hardware and Network

Kobas is a software platform and our teams will always be on hand to support your use of our software. However, our technical team may also be able to assist and advise in relation to hardware and network issues. Check out the Hardware section of the Knowledge Base for troubleshooting.

Disaster Planning

You can find our disaster recovery plan on our website.

This should feed into your operational Business Continuity Planning.

In short, Kobas is a reliable EPoS solution, with in-venue wired solutions that can operate without a live internet connection and have built-in failsafe features. Kobas Cloud is hosted on reliable infrastructure with an impressive uptime record.

Other documentation

Our website also hosts our Service Level Agreement (detailing what you can expect from Kobas and what we will need from you in order to help you), your Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.



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