Configuring each till within a venue

This article explains how to change each individual till configuration and behaviour to suite its location and use.

 Last updated 30 Jan 2023

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If you have multiple EPoS units in your venue, you may require different configurations for each unit, dependent on the role for which it is intended. For example, you may have a restaurant area that defaults to Eat In and also automatically applies a service charge. You may also have a takeaway counter in the same venue, which would require a till that defaults to Takeaway and does not apply a service charge automatically. Or simply, different tills may need to print in different places.

To configure your tills, go to Administration > Venues and click Venue Details beside the relevant venue. Under the Tills tab, you will see a list of all the tills set up in that particular venue. 


Did you know? 

Energy bills are a significant cost to the industry. An average Kobas till takes 13W run. This means it costs about 15p per day to run (at 50p per kWh). Turning off the hot holding lamps on the pass 15 seconds sooner is likely to save more energy than it takes to run the till for a day (rough estimate). 

We do strongly recommend leaving your Kobas tills and servers on overnight so that they can complete essential updates and maintenance.

Physical EPoS

Each listed till will display its individual IP address, Float Par Level, and what model of till it is. Click Edit to make changes.

Editing a till’s configuration will allow you to make changes to the way it behaves. Please note that you must have the correct IP address for the till entered on this page in order for your changes to take effect. Contact support if you need help with the latter section of the page including IP addresses.

Mobile EPoS (MPoS)

Having an EPoS unit handheld is a great way to support your waiting staff to deliver table service. This reduces errors and relays and increases up to date knowledge on products, and makes payments faster. These factors ultimately all improve your guest experience and staff job satisfaction.

Kobas currently uses Apple infrastructure and PWA technology to make this happen. Each iPad behaves exactly the same as a till using larger hardware, and as such needs creating as a separate till in the Tills settings page of Venue Details. This means that each MPoS unit can also have it's own individual settings, similarly to EPoS.

Once created within this page, please visit our article on using an iPad as an EPoS unit for configuration instructions.

Virtual EPoS (VEPoS)

Please see our article on VEPoS for more information.