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Managing your stock suppliers

Here we guide you through setting up and managing stock suppliers, which need to be set up before an ingredient can be attributed to them. 

Last updated 04 July 2024

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An essential element of the stock system is to ensure that all of your suppliers are created within Kobas. Your deliveries are then recorded per supplier, and you can hold different prices per supplier.


Viewing all suppliers

This is managed by navigating to Administration > Stock Suppliers, which brings you to this screen:

  • You can create a New Supplier or Edit / Delete an existing one.

Note: Our Support Help Desk can offer support with Bulk Uploading for situations where clients have a large supplier list to update.

Creating or editing a supplier

Pressing New Supplier or Edit on an existing supplier will bring you to this screen:

  • Supplier name - this is mandatory and used in all aspects of the system.
  • Contact name/email/phone - these are places you can hold this information for visibility and future reference, but aren't actively used in the Kobas stock system.
  • Notification emails - all email addresses entered here will automatically receive a confirmation email once an order has been placed. Multiple email addresses can be entered with no spaces, separated by a semi-colon (;).
  • Company account reference - a place to log your account number with the supplier.
  • Per Venue Supplier Code? - a pop-up box will appear (see below) and allow you to record different supplier codes per venue if that is required.

  • Delivery Supplier? - ticking this box will allow the supplier to be chosen on the list of suppliers in the Order and Deliveries section of Kobas. 
  • Prices on Delivery Note? - you can choose whether prices come on the delivery notes from this supplier as Gross, Gross and Net, or with no prices.
  • Petty Cash Supplier? - ticking this box will open a further pop-up box (see below) and add the supplier into the drop-down in the Closing Tasks: Petty Cash screen. Choose the venues this is available for, and the petty cash types it can be associated with. Additional Petty Cash types can be added by the Support Help Desk.

  • Tax Rate - this allows you to define the tax rate for the supplier when assigned to Petty Cash.
  • Extra details for imports - this allows you to add account references to be used when exporting information to various third-party accounting software.

Note: You won't be able to delete a supplier where there are currently ingredients from that supplier linked to an Order or Ingredient that has not been deleted from the system.