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Setting up your customer facing web applications

This guide is here to explain the technical changes we need to make to ensure you can host your customer facing web applications.

Customer facing web applications

In addition to the front of house EPoS and back of house Cloud management systems, Kobas also offers a range of services that interact directly with your customers to assist with your recruitment, customer loyalty programs and event ticket sales.

These services are hosted on our powerful infrastructure and are styled with your brand to ensure your customers have a seamless experience as they transition from your existing website to the applications we host on your behalf.

This help guide is here to explain the technical changes we need to make in order make all this happen. You’ll need to be able to adjust your domain’s DNS and email routing settings.


Creating your new customer facing applications

Your existing web domain is the starting point. For the sake of example, let’s imagine your web site is www.myawesomebar.com. You need to choose sub-domains on which we will host your customer loyalty and recruitment web sites. Let’s say you choose rewards.myawesomebar.com and jobs.myawesomebar.com

The next step is for you to add some DNS records so that web traffic for those domains will be routed to our infrastructure:

rewards.myawesomebar.com CNAME loyalty.kobas.co.uk
jobs.myawesomebar.com CNAME recruit.kobas.co.uk


Securing your customer facing applications

As all our our customer facing applications are likely to involve the exchange of personally identifiable data (such as names and addresses), we will only provide these web applications over a secure connection known as https. In order to do this we purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted authority on your behalf. SSL certificates are based on your domain name, and are valid for a fixed number of years.

In order for us to prove to a trusted authority that we are authorised to purchase an SSL certificate on your behalf, we need to be able to respond to email sent to one of five pre-defined email addresses:


We will ask that you nominate one of these addresses and that either you’ll have someone monitoring that address so that the request to authorise the certificate can be actioned, or that it is forwarded on to root@kobas.co.uk so that we may do that ourselves.


Sending email on your behalf

Your new customer facing applications will very likely need to send transactional email to your customers, so we need the authority to send email from your domain on your behalf. In order to do this you’ll need to perform some more DNS record adjustments.

There are two lumps of changes we need to make. The first tell our infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services, that we are authorised to send email purporting to come from your domain. There’s more information about Amazon’s Simple Email Service here. We will also create or update your existing SPF record to help convince your customers’ email servers that email sent from us is genuine.

When you give us the go ahead to create your customer facing sites we will issue a DNS update pack containing these changes along with those for your new sub-domain creation as detailed above.