Integrating with Sage50 Payroll

Kobas has the functionality to allow you to export approved hours worked, tips, and holiday pay for import into Sage Payroll. This article covers setup and operation of this integration.

Last updated 08 May 2024

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Initial settings

The first step within Kobas is to activate the integration by going to Administration > Integration Settings > Sage and ticking the Checkbox next to Sage Payroll.

Within the same page, you will need to set a minimum of four basic pay element ID's:

For cover shifts, you can either check the following box and provide two elements for all cover hours to go to (regardless of venue):

If you wish cover hours to be costed in Sage to the correct venue, you would leave the above checkbox unticked, and by going to Administration > Venue Settings > Settings > Financial Settings for each venue, you can assign venue-specific elements:

Within Sage Payroll, you will need to go to the “Company” section under “Pay Elements”, where elements 1-4 need to reflect the first four basic elements in Integration Settings above. Any venue-specific elements should then follow.

You now need to assign All Pay Elements to All employees. If you do not, the import will still work but you’ll generate errors during the import. To assign the Pay Elements, double-click on an employee, navigate to the “Employment” tab and click “Pay Elements” as shown below.

Once in this screen, you should add each Pay Element on the left using the drop list. You should also enter the correct “Rate” for each line apart from Tips / Gratuities as the rate will be generated by the export:



Employee data

The next step is to ensure that all of your pay-related data in Kobas is accurate. Within the Staff Profile > Pay Details (Edit), or the New Starter Tasks > Finance Data, ensure this information is completed accurately for each employee:

Note: Payroll Number and Pay Code should match the Employee Reference from Sage.

Employee export

By heading to Staff > Export Staff to Sage, you can save yourself some time!

Export a list of staff to be imported into Sage for payroll purposes. You can export new, current and former staff, so long as you have entered pay and next of kin details for them in Kobas.

  • New staff will give you those without a Sage pay reference in Kobas.
  • Former staff are those with a leaving date.
  • Current staff gives you everybody else.

Note: Any staff without an employee reference on the export will have a new record created for them when imported into Sage. Any staff with an employee reference will have their details updated.



Hours Worked export

In order to minimise payroll errors, hours worked are completed each evening in Closing Tasks, but also have to be confirmed each week on a venue-by-venue basis. Once each venue's hours are approved for any given week, those with permission can "Approve Hours Worked Export".

Once you have the Kobas export, this is how you import into Sage50 Payroll:

 1. From the File menu choose “Date Import” > “Import Sage Payroll Data…” 


2. Click “Next”, selected “Employee Payments (Hours and Rates)” and click “Next” 


3. Select the file you exported from Kobas and click “Finish” to complete the import