Revenue Analysis

This suite of reports looks in-depth at various aspects of your sales information.

Last update 6 Oct 2023

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Revenue relates to the sales made and payments taken by your venues.

Note: Please note that reports will require the correct Permission Levels to view.

Revenue reports

These can be accessed by going to Reports > Revenue Analysis:

Cash Log This report is populated from your completed Cash Logs and, unlike viewing your actual cash logs, isn't editable and shows more granular information.
Daily Sales by Interval Here we show you your sales information plotted by time, in either multiple venues across one day or one venue over multiple days.
Daily Sales by Order This report lists your transactions on a venue in one day. You can view the receipts, and now export the report to a CSV.
Discounts You can filter by venues (or see all) within a specific date range, and look at various metrics around not only the use of discounts and promotions within a particular venue or your whole estate, but also give-away data, refund, void and waste totals as well as price adjustments for the date range you select.
Gift Card Report (coming soon) This report shows you data on your account-wide Gift Card sales. Various granular detail lines are shown with links to the specific transactions for which the Gift Card is used in. The report also highlights Gift Cards yet to be redeemed, and value forfeited by default due to expiration (for VAT return purposes).
Sales Breakdown Report This report breaks down group-wide sales data by venue, date/time, consumption mode, category, service time and discounts. This can also be exported. Service Times should be named in Kobas System Preferences and times defined within the Venue Manager.
Item Sales (All) by Date This report shows metrics around the items you have sold across all or any venue in a given time range. You can choose whether to show all Modifiers, or only where the price is modified by the Modifiers. You can also view a detailed view of Modifiers data including by a staff member. This report can also be filtered by till so you can see your sales data by specific tills, or groups of tills. The export will give you more information to analyse the GP% that you achieve on these items.
Item Sales (Single) by Date This report monitors sales of a chosen item on a per-day basis over a chosen date range.
Sales Mix by Lead Type Use the Sales Mix by Lead Type report to compare your EPoS sales by day of the week. See for instance how food sales vary by day of the week, or wet sales vary by venue.
Sales Week Breakdown This report takes all your sales in the date range specified and breaks them down to the day of the week. You can use this report to see which days of the week are busiest, on average, over the period. 
Week-on-Week Sales This report, for up to six venues across a date range, shows week-on-week comparative sales data, by day of the week.
Year-on-Year Sales This report will compare your performance in the chosen week against the same week in previous years. 

Further information

These are email reports, which can be activated in Administration > Kobas System Preferences:

Weekly Summary Email This report will generate on a Monday and show you headline revenue and stock figures from the preceding week. It also includes information on staff till usage and productivity.
Closing Tasks Summary This email is a snapshot of venue closing tasks daily, which includes revenue information, labour and incidents.


Top Tip: Within the Daily Tasks menu, when you view your actual Logs, you can see who has entered and changed values and when. This will aid in investigating staff and variances over time.