Kobas Reservations and Deposits

Kobas allows you to record future reservations, and to take and manage pre-payments.

Last updated 25 Nov 2022

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Kobas allows you to record future reservations, along with notes and processing deposits, you can then redeem these deposits against tabs on your tills. Our reservation system uses the Customer database within your account, ensuring you have one centralised client database. Furthermore, client spend and loyalty point accrual is in one place.

Staff will require the appropriate permissions to view and manage reservations for their own or all venues.

There are various settings within Administration > Kobas System Preferences that you will need to consider when using the reservations system.

Note: Please note that a customer cannot delete their profile or details where it is still required to process a future reservation.

How it works

1. Creating the reservation and taking deposit

Reservations can be created on your tills, or in the cloud. Both platforms will require you to search the customer database first to reduce duplicate customer records. Once the customer record is open, you can add the details of the reservation, add notes and take deposits. 

If you are not taking a deposit at this time, you can create/find the customer and reservation in either way.

However, when taking a deposit it is worth considering which platform to use. If you use your tills, it is expected that you will be adding the deposit into your cashing up for that session in that venue. This is useful for Cash, Card (in person or over the phone) or Cheque. If the deposit is paid for using Bank Transfer or Online Payment, this should be done in Cloud so that your venue's cashing up isn't effected.

Instructions to create reservation and take deposits on your tills (EPoS).

Instructions to create reservation and take deposits in cloud.

2. Redeeming the deposit

On the day of the reservation you can open the reservation on your tills, and apply this to a tab to use the deposit. Any deposits left unused will be added in to your cash logs.

Instructions on how to redeem the deposit on your tills (EPoS).

Note: You can pay a bill off using an ad-hoc Redeem Deposit button that is not linked to a reservation deposit. This option offers less accountability and trackability and could lead to more complications in your financial processes. 


In order to help your staff we have put together two quick reference handouts which you can print and make available to your operational staff.

Overall Kobas reservation system - useful for staff administering reservations

Creating reservation and taking deposit on EPoS - useful for front of house staff taking deposits

If you choose to use the Kobas reservation system standalone, without an integration, your web provider can use our API to create a bespoke booking widget on your website. Please contact the Support Help Desk for more information.