Scheduled Report Engine

Our Report Engine hosts a set of reports which are scheduled to be emailed to certain people at specific times.

Last updated 08 May 2024

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Introduction and Overview

We have over thirty graphical reports within Kobas Cloud, that cover a wide range of the areas of your business: Customers, Operations, Labour, Revenue and your Overall performance. 

However, we are aware that our client base is diverse and spans all corners of the hospitality industry, and therefore a wider range of reports are needed by some aspects of our client base. 

The Reporting Engine allows reports to be presented as a basic table in an email or as a Spreadsheet attachment to an email, or as a file transfer. These can be scheduled to a specific frequency and time, and have specific filters such as date/time range, and venues.

Warning: Due to regulatory and legal compliance, there may be a few occasions where your staff member doesn't receive the email and within Kobas still shows as "Pending". Read here to find out more and how this can be resolved.

Reports can only be scheduled to a person who has a Kobas staff profile and will be sent to their profile email address (unless otherwise stated). When that profile is ended, the report will stop being sent. If a venue is ended/deleted, this won't automatically stop scheduled reports.



Available reports

These reports are available to all of our clients, and if you would like the report scheduled you will need to contact the Support Help Desk with the following information:

  • Which report, stating the name and the ID number (last column)
  • The filters (such as date/time range, venues, etc).
  • How you would like the report (in email, spreadsheet, or a file transfer)?
  • When and how often you'd like to receive the report, and to what email addresses.

Warning: An administrator in your account will need to request that a report is scheduled on your behalf through an Account Manager. This allows us to ensure that reports are scheduled for those who have legitimate access to the information. If your Kobas administrators have any difficulties, they can contact the Support Help Desk.

Please click on the report name for a visual example.

Note: We may not be able to set up a different 'schedule' to the ones listed below.

Customers: Loyalty & Reservation

Name Description Schedule ID
Customers Per Venue Since Date This report shows the number of loyalty customers, grouped by the venue they signed up in, since a given date. Currently runs daily. 43
DesignMyNight Deposit Usage Between Dates Report This report details deposit statuses for DesignMyNight reservations between given dates. Weekly for the previous 4 weeks, or daily. 40
Future Bookings with Deposits This report lists all future reservations. It lists the venue, the date and any deposit amount.  Weekly or daily. 28


Document Views This report lists all Collaboration document views in a given period.  Weekly on one day per week. 46
Staff Sales This report lists total gross sales, total order count and average order value for each member of staff in a given period.  Ran weekly for the previous week. 14
Staff Sales Activity This report lists all staff who have sold items in a given period, breaking down Gross Sales, Orders, Items, Basket Removes, Voids, Wastes, No Sales and Hours Worked. Runs weekly for the previous week. 27
Staff Hours Worked for Troncmaster This report lists the Staff Member, venue, date and hours worked, for use by a third-party Troncmaster. This data is taken from 'Hours Worked' as confirmed in the Closing Tasks or weekly check. Daily, weekly or monthly 66

Operations: Stock

EPoS Item Recipes Report This report shows the current recipe for each EPoS Item. This can be sent daily, weekly or monthly and is a snapshot. 54
Ingredient Price Changes Since Date Report This report details all stock ingredient price changes since a given date. Daily, weekly or monthly in a given timeframe. 39
Outstanding Stock Orders This report details all outstanding stock orders across your estate.  Daily, weekly or monthly. 23
Stock Deliveries Report This report lists all stock deliveries in a given period. Daily, weekly or monthly. 30
Stock Ingredient List  This report contains all currently listed Stock Ingredients with their pack size, unit volume, cost price and measurement from their default supplier. Daily or monthly. 53
Stock Batch Recipes This report shows the current recipe for each Batch. Daily or weekly 56
Line Check Report This report list all Line Checked ingredients in a table so that you can easily identify trends or errors to investigate further. Daily, weekly or monthly. 62

Operations: Compliance

Outstanding Tabs At Declaration Report This report details all outstanding tabs at the moment the final Z read was performed. Tab balances and payments include gratuities. Daily or weekly 58
Safe Float Report This report shows opening and closing safe float counts for a given day, broken down by venue.  Daily 21
Service Charge Changes This is an audit report showing set and remove service charge events in a given time period. Weekly 57
Variance This report lists all cash log variances, with accountability information, across all venues over a given period. Daily 20


Headline Revenue Report This report shows a company-wide snapshot of your operations, including year-to-date figures. Here you can see your daily sales vs. forecast, your labour spends and percentage, and your food/wet cost of sales/waste. Please note that this report will not yield results unless rota predictions in Cloud, and Closing Tasks are completed. Daily 8
Quick Service Restaurant Headline Report This report shows a year-on-year, week-to-date revenue headline summary across all venues. It groups eat-in and collection together as In Store, breaking out Delivery figures separately. Daily 64


Deposits Report This report shows all deposits redeemed against orders or tabs in a given period. Weekly 55
Discount Usage This report lists all discounts used in a period, displaying the EPoS operator name, order time, price, discount amount, consumption mode and ingredient cost. Sends on a Monday for the previous week. 13
EPoS Other Payments This report details non-cash/card payments taken on EPoS in a given period. Daily or weekly. 36
EPoS Price Adjusts This report details all EPoS item price adjustments made in a given period.  Daily 34
EPoS Special Saves This report shows all order items marked as Complementary, Director, Void and Waste in a given period.  Daily or weekly. 19
EPoS Voids This report details all EPoS voids in a specified venue in a given period.  Daily or weekly. 31
EPoS Weekly Z Reads This report combines all Z reads from all stores into an end-of-week summary, where the Z-read has been attached to a Cash Log during Closing Tasks. Weekly 45
EPoS Daily Z Read By Tills This report lists all end-of-trade information per till per trading date. If multiple till sessions were run on a date, the sum of those values is shown in this report. Daily for the previous day. 61
Payment Details Report This report details every payment is taken at all or particular venues between two supplied trading dates. Daily, weekly or monthly. 59
Revenue and Cost of Sales by Category This report lists all sales (gross and net), and cost of sales, by EPoS item category, in each venue. Daily or weekly 33
Stripe  This report list all Stripe payments in a period.  Daily or weekly 29
Other Payments in Period This report lists all payments other than cash and card made within a defined period. Daily or weekly 17
Gratuity Troncmaster Report This report lists the venue, date and total gratuity amount, for use by a Troncmaster. This data is taken from the completed Cash Log. Daily, weekly or monthly 65
Spend Per Head This report reveals sales information, including Spend Per Head about tabs with covers set, for selected venues in a given date range. Daily, weekly or monthly 67


Sales By Till This report shows a breakdown of sales per till across all venues in a period. Daily or weekly 3
Sales Item Origin Summary Report This report shows a breakdown of item sales over a period grouped by sales origin channel. Weekly 7
Sales with tax in Period This report details all item sales with tax rates, discounts and special saves, in a given period, across all venues.  Daily or weekly 42
Sales Item Retail Prices This report lists all EPoS Items on menus currently assigned to your active venues, sorted by lead type and category, listing default retail prices for Eat In, Takeaway and Delivery consumption types. Weekly 52


Additional email reports in Cloud

In addition to the above reports, there are four email reports which can be activated by going to Administration > Kobas System Preferences:

Name Description Schedule
Weekly Business Summary This report will send a separate email for each venue on Monday for the previous week. It summarises the weeks cash log, cash log edits, Special Saves, No sales, basket removes, basket clears, holding stock levels, stock checks and staff productivity (revenue vs hours and shifts worked). Note that Lead Types set to not "attribute to sales" will not show on this report. Weekly only.
Birthday Report This is a basic report listing the number of each type of birthday email sent each day. Daily only.
Closing Tasks Summary This is a daily email sent when closing tasks are saved per venue. It details key points from the Z-Read, incidents, safe and till float variances, and key labour and stock points. Daily only.

Top Tip: Various email alerts can be activated within Kobas System Preferences. Where emails can only be sent to a limited number of email addresses, please consider using Email Forwarding and Inbox Rules if you wish to share the reports wider.

Custom reporting

We have some limited scope to produce email reports specific to the needs of your business to some degree. There would be a cost for this service and a lead time in order to produce these. They should be discussed as part of the sales process or managed account relationship.

Please speak with your Account Manager or the Sales Team who will be able to advise on where best to get the information you require, whether a custom report could in fact deliver what you need, and our current costs and lead times.

Automated Scripts

We also have the functionality to run some automated scripts. The following are available by contacting the Support Help Desk:

Staff Voucher Allocation This script checks the current staff database for profile emails, it then looks at the customer database and if the emails match, it can apply those customer accounts certain vouchers. This can run daily, weekly or monthly. We need to know which discounts, how many per staff member and the expiration date. 60
Customer Voucher Allocation This script permits the automation of loyalty vouchers to customers. Multiple vouchers of the same discount type can be added at once   63
Update EPoS Screen Message This script updates the EPoS Screen Message on all tills in the account.  It is usually ran daily, and used to display the Challenge 25 message with the DOB for 18. 10


File transfer integrations

This feature allows us to schedule reports to send by email, or file transfer (FTP, SFTP or AWS S3). This allows us to integrate with partners who require automated information from your Kobas account. This could include partners such as Yapster who run staff incentive campaigns. 

It may also be useful to review our main reporting sections.