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Online Ordering: Venue Settings

Before a venue can be set for Online Ordering, Online Ordering must have been enabled in your Integration Settings.

Before a venue can be set for Online Ordering, Online Ordering must have been enabled in your Integration Settings.

To get started, make sure that your venue is included on your CIC by ticking the appropriate checkbox on the Sales and Marketing Tab.

The Online Ordering tab allows for granular configuration of every aspect of your venue’s ordering process. This guide will tackle each point in turn.

Each consumption mode can be configured differently, in regards to timings and order approval. Some settings are unique to their consumption mode and some are more general.

Stripe Account: For clients with a single Stripe account, this will automatically populate with the default option. For those clients with multiple accounts, this can be selected here.

General Options

Automatically Approve Orders: When enabled, all orders made through Kobas Online Ordering will be automatically approved and payment taken, without need for any user approval in-venue.

Order Approval Timeout: The length of time that an order can wait for approval before the order will be automatically rejected and payment refunded.

Estimated Collection/Delivery Time: The number of minutes that an order is expected to take until fulfilment. This will be added to the approval time and communicated to the customer.

Start/End Times: The time window in which an order can be placed through the CIC. Menu browsing is available outside that time.

Price Band: A price band can be assigned to each consumption mode. This will apply at all times, independently of any in-venue pricing.

Delivery Options

Maximum Delivery Distance: Customers are prompted for their post code. If the customer’s address is beyond the venue’s maximum delivery distance, orders cannot be placed.

Minimum Order Value: The minimum basket total a customer must reach before an order can be placed.

Delivery Fee: When enabled, a PLU will be assigned as a “Delivery Fee” for accurate payment processing on EPoS.

Delivery PLU: The PLU selected will be added to any applicable order. This will be shown to the customer as a “Delivery Fee”. The PLU must have a price in the Delivery consumption mode. The PLU does not need to be on a venue’s EPoS menu.

Minimum Fee Required for Free Delivery: Any order greater than or equal to this figure will have the delivery fee removed.