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Menu pages and administration

This page looks at the creation of menu pages, and EPoS menu administration within the cloud.

Last updated 06 Jun 2023

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Within Kobas, a "Menu Page" is a tab that sits along the top of your EPoS screen and holds EPoS items (aka. PLU's or "till buttons"). Each page can hold 70 EPoS items, and the pages simply allow you to hold more. 

Top Tip: Changes made to your EPoS within Cloud will not take effect on your tills until you Download Data in each affected venue.

Warning: Good Account Hygiene is essential when dealing with aspects of Kobas that can create a lot of outdated data. Please take a look at this guide to keep your system healthy!

Creating menu pages

Menu Pages are a 'global' setting, meaning the same set of pages is available across all venues. EPoS items will only show in a specific venue if the EPoS item properties state "All Venues". Therefore, in reality, the menu page is simply a heading to hold the EPoS items.

Before we progress, please note that because Menu Pages are a 'global' setting, meaning the same set of pages is available across all venues. Therefore if one venue makes a change, this will affect all venues using it.

To create, edit or delete a Menu Page, if you have the appropriate access level:

  1. Go to EPoS > Menu Pages
  2. Here you can Edit and Delete current menu pages (please see warning above). You can also select New EPoS Menu Page.
  3. You will then have the following details to enter:
    • Name - this will need to be fairly short to show on your EPoS.
    • Colour - this can be overridden separately in each menu.
    • Order - this is the order of display, but again can be overridden in each individual menu.
    • Add to Existing Menu - if this is ticked, the page will be added to all currently existing menus.
  4. Press Save.

Creating and managing menus

What is a menu

Within Kobas, a menu is a collection of Menu Pages that are available on your EPoS at any one time. Each venue can have one Menu available at any one time. Most of our clients will have one Menu per venue, but you may have more when it comes to a menu change over time, or for special events. For instance, you can create a specific Menu for a Beer Festival, or Valentine's Day, and toggle between your regular menu and the special menu (more details below).

Creating and managing a menu

Firstly you'll need to head over to EPoS > Menu Administration. In this screen, you can create a New EPoS Menu or Copy EPoS Menu. With existing menu's, you can:

  • Sync on Preoday/Deliverect - This will push the menu onto your Preoday or Deliverect accounts, where the integration is activated.
  • Export Allergens - This will download a CSV of your current allergen information in both EPoS items and Modifiers.
  • Manage Menu Layout - This is where you can edit the layout of your EPoS.
  • Edit Menu Details - You can edit the name of the Menu and the venue it is available in. This is the same page as you will see in New EPoS Menu.
  • Delete - This will delete your Menu.

Warning: Only delete the Menu when you are confident that you no longer require it. Kobas staff cannot undo this action. You won't lose your EPoS Items, but if deleted in error, you will need to re-create your Menu Layout from scratch if required.

Adding an EPoS Item to a menu

Once you have created the EPoS item and have an active Menu for your venue, you can add the EPoS item to the Menu. Head over to EPoS > Menu Administration > Manage Menu Layout.

The video below explores the functionality of this section:


Administering Menu Changeovers

Our suggested process for managing significant menu changes is as follows:

  1. Create a new menu for your venue.
  2. Copy your current menu to the new menu.
  3. Remove the PLU’s you don’t need on this menu.
  4. Edit the PLU’s you need to edit and add new/existing PLU’s as you need.
  5. Ensure Discounts and Price Bands apply to this menu as required.
  6. Toggle from your current menu to the new menu when you’re ready to switch over.
  7. When you’re happy the new menu is working as it should delete the old menu.

This is illustrated by this video: