Kobas Champion

We advise all clients to nominate at least one 'Kobas Champion' to support the use of Kobas in your business. Here's what that looks like.

Last updated 31 May 2022


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Overall purpose: why choose this ownership?

When it comes to implementing a new system, it will often take time to guide your business through the changes and become fully fluent in managing that new system. 

As part of our onboarding and ongoing support packages, we offer training on all of the elements of the system. Alongside our written resources in the Knowledge Base, we encourage our clients to nominate one or more Kobas Champions, with the following aims:

  1. Minimise duplication and inefficiencies in communication between Kobas and your business.
  2. Become an expert in the business to help deliver training and resolve issues internally.
  3. Help ensure that Kobas is configured in the best way possible for your business.

The benefit to your business is that your use of Kobas will be tailored to fit the intricate needs and processes of your business. You will have quick and easy access to system experts and get quicker access to solutions. Finally, as well as direct input to the development of the product, you will have a better understanding of changes and developments. 

What will a Kobas Champion do?

Your company's elected Champion will tackle the following (this list is representative, not exhaustive):

  1. Be a primary point of contact between Kobas and your business, and maintain contact.
  2. Be a point of contact internally to provide support and training to staff within their business.
  3. Review updates and communication from Kobas and communicate them through the business. 
  4. Provide feedback to Kobas on the product to better suit their business's needs.
  5. Ensure the configuration of the Kobas account best meets their business needs.

Who should be nominated?

A Champion should display these qualities:

  • Be technologically minded.
  • A helpful disposition and be proactive.
  • Able to troubleshoot and drive change with an agenda within the business.

Within the business, it would be beneficial for the Kobas Champion(s) to:

  • Hold a senior position (such as General Manager, Operations or Head Office) to allow them to have a wide understanding of and impact within the business.
  • A good understanding of operations (not just Head Office functions).
  • Authority to implement change and usage of Kobas and have input into strategy.

How Kobas will support the Champions?

Kobas will provide training to your Kobas Champion primarily through the Onboarding Training when you are a new client. This training is provided by our Implementation and Account Management Teams. 

We encourage our clients to think about future sustainability and succession planning in relation to the business knowledge of Kobas. Our Account Management Team can help you plan how to train your teams, managers and future Kobas Champions. 

Our Account Management Team will provide additional formal training at a cost. However, we will maintain an active relationship with your Champions and provide ongoing support and troubleshooting.


Other notes and considerations:

Managed Client Example

Clients with a significant turnover will be a 'managed account'. We have a regional gastro pub client with fifteen venues, who have the following relationships with Kobas:

  • Senior Management: Operations Director, Finance Director and Group Beverage Manager
  • Kobas Champion: A Senior General Manager

We meet every two or three months where we discuss ongoing needs and issues of the business, as Kobas continues to evolve.

This account is managed by one of our Regional Account Managers.

Non-managed Client Example

We have a one-venue company, where the Owner is the Kobas Champion. Our Account Managers provide one to one support as required were requested through our Support Help Desk.

Onboarding and Newly Implemented clients

Kobas Champion training is in addition to the full training provided, and this is delivered to Senior Managers, Operational Managers and nominated Kobas Champion(s). 

In the weeks following your installation and go-live with Kobas, one of our Account Managers will be in touch regularly to provide additional support to assist whilst your team acclimatise to the system.

Further training

Please contact your Account Manager, Implementation Team or the Support Help Desk if you feel you require help or further formal training. There is a cost for additional formal training, and therefore we would suggest having the maximum number of attendees to ensure good value for money. We can provide this online, or on-site for an additional cost.

Super Users

Our Delivery Team hold a shortlist of Kobas Champions who become "Super Users" and may be invited to give their direct feedback on our product developments to assist with the future development of Kobas.