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Getting to know your customers

The benefits of a good customer loyalty scheme are widely accepted. It offers you an effective way to improve customer retention levels, utilising the insights from tracking customer spending behaviour.

Last updated 14 June 2024

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Customers benefit so long as they are rewarded for participating in the scheme. The obvious benefits are monetary discounts, but the Kobas customer loyalty system allows a greater level of interaction between serving staff and the end customer, which leads to a more rewarding experience for everyone.


Information available on EPoS

When a customer scans their loyalty card or code, Kobas adds a customer bar to the EPoS basket with their name and information.

Basket with loyalty

This means you can immediately refer to the customer by name. It’ll also mean they are associated with their tab.

Loyalty Customer On Tab

To see more information on a customer, simply tap the yellow bar.

Loyalty Customer Detail View

Kobas will highlight if the customer’s birthday is today, yesterday or tomorrow. It will also display key information such as how long they’ve been a customer, how many points they’ve accrued, and any discount vouchers available to them.

Information available in Cloud

Customer profile

By heading to Your Customer > Customers, you will see a list of active (not deleted) customers.

Basic information can be seen on this page, and you can Export the list from here also, where some key information is from the customer profile in Cloud.

From the list page, you can press View, and see all of the information we hold on the client, which includes:

  • Personal Details
  • Sign up method
  • The last activity (which means when the profile last had information updated) is displayed in the export. Note that the customer's last login is displayed.
  • Customer since date
  • Interest venues
  • Points history and transaction receipts
  • QR Code and Loyalty Cards
  • Assigned vouchers, reservations and tickets.
  • WiFi Logins.


Customers can be tagged with tags that you can set. This will help you examine your data more in-depth. To do so, you will need to contact our Support Help Desk.

You can assign and delete tags in the customer profile.


Top Tip: Customers have the right to have their data removed under GDPR, please see our GDPR page to find out how the customer and you can action any such request.

Customer analysis

With our customer analysis section, you can examine your customers' spending habits and visiting habits in detail. These metrics will help you understand your customer base and target marketing to increase spend per head and returning visits.