Integrating with VT Transaction+

KOBAS provides CSV exports that can be directly imported into VT Software’s Transaction+ program. The information on these CSVs can be copied and posted using the Universal Import sheet. By adding your Primary and Analysis Accounts to certain elements in Kobas, you will then be able to export a perfectly formatted file. If you haven’t added the accounts, or you need to make an edit to on of the accounts for any reason, you will be able to make this edit in VT itself.

The two new exports can be found in the Reports section. One under Reports > Cash Log and one under Reports > Stock Audit Trail Transactions.

Cash Log Export

This report can be exported in a format that groups all sales under REC and all payment types under PAY. This gives you a balanced ledger of transactions, though any variance shown on your cash log will also show on the export. If you are seeing a large variance, then it is likely due to  there being “Outstanding Tab Credit” for the period. This means that there have been orders put through, but not paid off, leading to your REC total being higher than your PAY total.

Payments and Sales

To add Primary and Analysis Accounts to your Sales figures and Payment types, you will need to access Administration > Integration Settings. Once you have selected the VT tab, you will need to switch the VT integration on by ticking the checkbox and saving. Once switched on, you can add all of the Primary and Analysis Accounts for each line. Please ensure that you include both halves of the Account name, exactly as it would appear in VT.

For instance:

  • Bank: Current a/c
  • Income: Food Sales
  • Expenses: Suppliers


Suppliers can be set as a petty Cash Supplier in Administration > Stock Suppliers. Once this has been set, cash that has been “Paid Out” from the till can be assigned to the supplier during your Closing Tasks cash declaration. This supplier can then be included on the VT Cash Log export, whenever cash been paid out, ensuring that all of your outgoings are assigned correctly in VT.

Once VT Integration has been switched on, you can add the primary and Analysis Accounts to Petty Cash Suppliers by accessing Administration > Stock Suppliers and filling in the codes as required.


Stock Audit Trail Transaction Report

Once you have codes assigned to your Suppliers, you will then be able to perform the Stock Audit Trail Transaction export. This report exports all of your deliveries as PIN and REC, depending on whether it was an order that was paid for, or a return that was credited. This document can then be imported via VT’s Universal Import  sheet, just as with the Cash Log Export.