In-Venue Top Tips & Help Sheet

This article shares how Kobas works in your venue along with some top tips, helping to ensure your hardware runs smoothly at all times. Printable Help Sheet available.

Last updated 19 Oct 2023


πŸ–¨οΈπŸ“Œ Download Help Sheet

You can download the information in this article above. The printable Help Sheet contains boxes for you to complete and keep in your staff room, ensuring those required can access key information about your Kobas system when/if required. 


How does Kobas work in your venue?

The diagram below demonstrates the purpose of the various pieces of hardware in your venue. 

Kobas Infra

Green boxes

Kobas is responsible for the software on these devices and will support configuration, troubleshooting and managing warranty. However, these devices are owned by you.

Orange boxes

These devices are owned by you and are your responsibility.

Grey dotted lines

Wifi Connections, which are dependent on your wireless routers and access points.

Dark dotted lines

These lines represent wired Ethernet connections and are your responsibility.

Green dotted shape

Your Local Area Network (LAN). Your Kobas hardware can function without internet, as long there is power and connection to the server on the LAN. Please note there may not be a separate Till Router, and your hardware might be connected directly to your main router.




Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A battery allowing Kobas to safely shut in a power cut.


Issues with your Kobas software

When you have power and network, but Kobas isn’t working as it should.

Our support team will require:

  • Venue & Till number
  • The problem
  • What you were trying when it happened
  • Photos/videos


Urgent: +44 (0)20 7633 9449 (Opt 3)


Top tips


πŸ’» Never turn off your EPoS Server
This is either your server till, or the server computer. You need it on at all times in order to trade, and it may receive a software update at any time. 

🌐 Keep your EPoS server connected to the internet at all times
Your EPoS server needs to be online to communicate to Kobas Cloud and to receive critical updates from time to time.

πŸ‘† Only use fingers on your touchscreen tills
Using hard implements such as cards or utensils can damage the screens and stop them from functioning. 

βœ‰οΈ Contact Kobas before you move any hardware or make changes to your network
Hardware configuration may become invalid if changes are made and this can stop equipment from functioning correctly.

πŸ”Œ Your In-Venue network is separate to the Kobas system
Any network issues or questions should be directed to your internal IT Administrator.

πŸ’³ Your PDQs are separate to the Kobas EPoS system
Any issues or questions relating to PDQ terminals themselves should be directed to your PDQ payment provider.

βš™οΈ Need to change menus or settings? 
If menus or settings are changed in Kobas Cloud, a Download Data must be performed on a till for your venue to receive the updates. Visit Admin > Download Data on any till to do this.