I'm logged out every time I click a link

Help! I’m logged out every time I click a link

Once you’ve entered your username and password to log in to Kobas, we use cookies to keep track of who you are. Every time you move to a new Kobas page, your web browser sends us the cookie, and as a result we know you’re logged in and so we serve you the secure page you’ve requested.

Sometimes for a variety of reasons we lose track of you, and the result is that every time you click a link, you’re shown the login screen. We’re aware that this is very frustrating! There are however a few things you can do to get things going again.

Before you start to fix things…

It’s really important that you close all KOBAS windows and tabs before continuing on to try to repair things. Like most modern web applications, Kobas has a constant stream of chatter between our servers and your web browser all the time you’re using our site, and this data exchange can hamper your attempts to start over. Once that’s done, it’s time to check a few other things.

Is your computer clock correct?

If your computer time and date isn’t set correctly you may find you’ve got what’s known as a stale cookie (we’re serious!). Check that both the time and the date are right. If your computer clock was more than a few minutes adrift, this may well rectify the problem.

Clear your cookies

The vast majority of web browsers have a privacy panel that can be accessed with the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Delete on a PC, or Command-Shift-Delete on a Mac. Try this triple key combo and either clear all cookies, or drill down to the cookies associated with kobas.co.uk and delete those.

Try a different browser

If all else fails, you could try a different browser. On a Mac, try Chrome or Safari. On a PC, try Firefox, Chrome or if you must, Internet Explorer. Different browsers store their cookies in different places, so you’ll almost always find a different browser works just fine.

Get in touch

If all the above tips fail, send us an email to support@kobas.co.uk. Once we’ve established you’ve tried everything else listed on this page, we’ll be keen to know more about when you last were able to use the system successfully and what has changed since then.