Integrating with Hastee Pay

Kobas facilitate employee benefits through a partnership with Hastee Pay, an award-winning “income smoothing” service that revolutionises the way employees can be paid.

Last Updated 17 Jan 2022

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Hastee Pay integrates with Kobas to get live and accurate information on pay earned to date, based on hours worked within Kobas. This data then allows Hastee Pay to offer these employees up to 50% of the wages that they have earned, through the hours that they have already worked.

As ever, this is backed by Kobas’ characteristically fastidious attention to data protection, meaning that users must opt-in to Hastee Pay before any information is revealed. They can also choose to opt out at any time, within the staff personal details section of the Kobas homepage.

Hastee Pay charges no interest, just a small one-time fee, or a flat-rate monthly subscription, helping employees avoid high-cost credit and debt. For employers, Hastee Pay simply invoices for the employee’s wages at the end of the pay period, making it a completely cashflow-neutral solution.

So, to help improve choice and financial well-being for your employees, and to reap the benefits of an engaged and productive workforce, get in touch with Hastee Pay today.

Initial set up

Navigate to Administration > Integration Settings > Employee Benefits

Firstly you will need to check the Hastee box, and once this is selected your "API credentials" will be revealed. You'll need to provide these to your Hastee Pay account manager. Once actioned by Hastee Pay, your two accounts will be linked. This will immediately allow users to opt-in to the service, start sharing their data with Hastee Pay, and receive their wages when they need it.