Integrating with Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager: Recommended custom dimensions

For some of your Kobas data to appear in your GA4 reports, you’ll need to define custom definitions we have set up in the Kobas code.

Last updated 07 July 2023

If you are not using Google Tag Manager to integrate with Google Analytics 4, many of the below parameters will not be trackable for you. Read this article to set up Google Tag Manager with Kobas CIC


Follow these steps the add recommended custom definitions, once these are created it will take 24 hours for the data to appear within your reports. These dimensions are recommended and not required, but they will aid you and your team to analyse your data. Please note these dimensions do not back date, and only appear in your reports after you define them.


Note: You will need editor permissions in your Google Analytics 4 Property to perform the following actions

  • Head to your Google Analytics 4 property, Admin > Custom Definitions.
  • Press Create new dimension and add from the table below.


Kobas Custom
Dimension name

Scope Event parameter Description
child_venue_name Event child_venue_name For Multi Venue Order / Food Halls. Will return the name of the child venue / vendor
consumption_type Event consumption_type If the event was associated will return 'to table', 'collection' or 'delivery'
customer_register_type Event customer_register_type Will return 'exists' or 'new' if a customer signs into loyalty, if it was an existing sign up or new. 
guest_checkout Event guest_checkout Will return 'true' or 'false' if an order was checkout as guest or not. 
logged_in_while_ordering Event logged_in_while_ordering Will return 'true' or 'false' if a customer was logged in whilst ordering
payment_type Event payment_type Which type of payment was made. Will return 'apple pay', 'saved card' or 'new card'
selected_venue Event selected_venue Will return name of the venue selected when ordering