Frequent support requests

This article will explore your most frequent requests for support, and guide you through how you can resolve them.

Last updated 04 May 2023

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For this article, we have looked through the requests made to our Support Help Desk, and we have pulled together questions and topics that we are asked more regularly. It may be beneficial if you take a look through these answers, as it is likely you may have similar questions.

Top Tip: When you do contact support, take a look here to see what information the Support Help Desk will require. If you can provide that in your initial contact, we will be able to support you more efficiently.

Because we position Kobas as a self-administered system, our responses to requests where clients can make the appropriate change will always follow a “fix-and-teach”, or simply a coaching format. The answers below attempt to offer a simple explanation, with links to read more detail on that topic elsewhere in the Knowledge Base.

Top Tip: Before contacting the Support Help Desk, please have a look through the Knowledge Base to see if you can find the answer to your issue there.


Current staff


Who made changes?

We do understand that having visibility of who has taken certain actions in your account can be important. The Holidays page will show you which users have approved/declined holiday requests. Administrators will also have access to the Audit Log which will show certain actions. If you are struggling to find what you need, please contact the Support Help Desk.


Login / MFA issues

Please be aware that Kobas staff cannot advise on or change access to the system. We are not able to remind, change or reset EPoS PIN numbers, Cloud Usernames, Cloud Passwords or MFA credentials. Managers can reset staff members' PIN numbers and Usernames. Users can reset their own password using the Forgot Password link on the login page. Please read here for more information on MFA credential resetting. 


Holiday accrual

Calculating holiday accrual is never an easy-to-follow process. Our New Holiday Request page, Staff Profile and Labour Reports detail allowances and various figures associated with the accrual. 

Our Knowledge Base article explains the different calculations for Full and Part Time salaried staff, as well as those on Irregular Hours.



Stock Checks


Stock Checks Dates & Merging checks

The ability to merge separate stock checks is a feature of the Kobas stock system. Stock Checks can only be merged if they are for the same venue on the same day. Your stock usage calculations will take longer to finalise the more merges that take place.

When you complete a Stock Check, the "date completed" is always the 'close of business' on that date. Therefore if you put 2nd January, all sales, wastage, deliveries etc recorded until 5 am (depending on your Operational Start Hour setting) on 3rd January will be included. 

If you complete your stock check prior to opening on a Monday morning, your stock count should be recorded as Sunday's date.


Lines missing from SUCR

The Kobas stock system allows you to record stock that you do not intend to sell. An example would be if you wish to record your Cleaning Supplies as part of your deliveries, or if you include Takeaway packaging in GP calculations for dishes. Stock Ingredient/Batch categories can be excluded from GP calculations, and whole Lead Types can be set to not attribute to sales. 


Printed Stock Check sheets

The Kobas stock check is designed to be completed directly into the software as you count, using your phone, tablet or any other device. However, we understand that this will not work for everyone. You can copy your Stock Check page into a spreadsheet and print it, or alternatively, our Support Help Desk can provide this for you on request.


Editing Stock Checks / Deliveries

There might be occasions when you attempt to edit a historic Stock Delivery or Stock Check, but you won't be allowed to save your edits. This will be because:

  • You are trying to edit the item, but you don't have permission to edit these items after a certain number of days.

You may need to speak with a member of the team who has higher user permissions than you. An administrator could make changes to the relevant settings in two places:




Showing as started

Kobas Rotas status starts quick guide:

  • "Unstarted" (showing on the Rota page as "Start")
  • "Started" (when there are shifts that are still "Unassigned" - check the bottom of the rota)
  • "Completed" (when all shifts are "assigned")

Staff who have View Only access to the rota will only be able to see the rota when it is in the "Completed" status.


Clock changes

The system will not automatically make adjustments for those working across a period where the clocks change. In the UK, the clocks officially change at 2 am, whether backwards or forwards.

If you work 9 pm - 3 am, this should total 6 hours (assuming no unpaid breaks are included). If this shift spans the time clocks go back, then the staff member would (technically speaking) finish at 2 am but still have worked 6 hours. Our system will calculate that shift as 5 hours.

Therefore when approving hours, another hour will need to be added, and a note put in the notes section to correct this.


Paid/unpaid breaks

Kobas has the facility to record breaks, and doing so will deduct the number of minutes on break from the total hours worked when exporting to Payroll, and within labour analysis costings.

Therefore, breaks that are paid shouldn't be recorded through Kobas so that time isn't deducted from payroll.



Kobas has the facility to accept tips through Online Ordering and Card Payments. Cash Tips can be added manually during the Closing Task process. Kobas then splits the tips evenly based on the number of hours each staff member worked that day. Tips managed wholly outside of Kobas can be added during closing tasks to be split amongst staff. 



Discount Manager


Discount examples

The Kobas system has the capability to process several types of discounts, promotions, and price changes. Please take a look at this page as a starting point.


Gift Cards (beta)

Within Kobas, the EPoS Discount Manager creates discounts/promotions that can be applied manually by staff at the till, are automatically based on certain criteria, or can be applied as a Voucher to Loyalty accounts, or Loyalty Campaigns.

Our current Gift Card feature is in the beta release as this will be developed in the future. Currently, Gift Cards can only be purchased online and redeemed via EPoS.



Daily Tasks


Completing tasks

In order to access all of Kobas features and reports, you will need to Z-read your tills each day and complete a Cash Log for each day.



Our EPoS system operates on sessions and when you Z Read you close one session and open another. Cloud however operates in days and one Cash Log can be completed per day. Cash Logs can be completed retrospectively however we cannot split an EPS session retrospectively. Therefore it is essential to z-read at the end of each trading day as a minimum.



Data in Cloud can be edited to correct an error, and whole sets of daily tasks rolled back.






You can set up an iPad as an EPoS or KDS terminal yourself by following these easy instructions.