Part Payments, refunds, and error corrections

This article explores the functionality within Kobas to deal with part payments of tabs, refunds, and error corrections.

Last updated 08 May 2024

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Multiple payment methods

The Take Payment screen enables you to take payment for the order with different payment methods, such as part Cash and part Card. 

Simply type the amount of party payment and press the appropriate method: Cash, Card, Other. You can repeat this step as many times as required.

Top Tip: If you need EPoS to work out the cash change required, ensure that you enter the Cash payment last. Overpayments by Card are treated as Tips by Kobas, whereas Cash overpayments are dealt with as Change.

Part Payments on tabs

You are able to add a part payment onto a tab that is open. The tab can have items on, or it can be empty. The system allows the tab to be "in credit" if the payments on the tab are greater than the sale items.

You will need to have an open tab, and then head to the Part Payment button.

This will bring up the regular Take Payment screen. You can enter the payment, as usual, then press the green "Part Pay" button (which will be in place of the "Settle" button). The Take Payment screen will also have a "Manage Part Payments" button once a Part Payment has been added to the tab, which opens this screen where you can "refund" the Part Payment.

This will log the refund and display this clearly on the part payment screen.


Refunds in Kobas aren't linked to a specific previous transaction. In order to conduct a refund, a user with the appropriate permissions will need to add the items to refund into the basket, then go to Admin > Refund, which will bring you to the following screen to record the refund as Cash, Card, or an "Other Payment Type".

Warning: When you refund an EPoS item, the stock ingredients are still marked as used and that isn't reversed. This is because usually that will mean the stock has been used.

Error Corrections

We understand that errors using EPoS will occur, during busy fast service, and when customers change their minds. 

Errors can be rectified easily before the session is closed:

  • Remove or Clear Basket. These actions are available to all Till Users, allowing you to remove items from the Basket that the customer doesn't want to purchase.
  • Void. This action is available to those with permission. This allows you to remove an item from a tab. 

Top Tip: If you wish your printer to print Voids or any order movements, this is done by navigating in Kobas Cloud to Administration > Venue Settingss > then select the venue where you want to change the printer preparation settings by selecting the relevant blue "Settings" box > when the next window opens, select the "Preparation" tab which will show all assigned printers to the venue > click "Edit" and you will see a section titled "Dockets Reprint Time Frame"

  • Refund Part Payments. Please refer to the section above.

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