EPoS Training for Managers

Let us show you around the management functions within our EPoS function.

Last updated 13 Dec 2022

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The EPoS Basics guide provides an overview of the basic functions of our EPoS, which are generally available to all staff within the industry. This article follows on from that, showing functionality that generally would only be available to management staff.

When changes are made to your EPoS in the cloud (such as EPoS Items, Menu Pages, Menu Layout and Customer Facing options), any changes will only take effect once you have completed a Download Data in each affected venue. This simply tells your EPoS Server to talk to Cloud to receive the update.

This is found by going to Admin > Download Data. This only needs to be done on one of your tills in the venue, any any till can be used, including an iPad.

Price adjustment and discount application

This video looks at how to adjust prices in the EPoS and use and apply different discount types. The second video looks at the Discount Code application on EPoS.


Top Tip: To refund a customer, add the items to refund to your basket and go to Admin > Refund you can then choose CashCard, or any of your other payment types. This will be logged in your cash log, the refund pushed to your card machine if it is integrated, and the stock replenished in the Stock Management Sytem. 


Closing session and user management

In this video, we explore how to Z-Read the till and close the session for the end-of-day process. We also explore adding Dallas key users.

Below are screenshots showing the Dallas Key "Manage User" screens and the various options to assign, delete and suspend keys.

Reservation and deposit management

This video looks at how to manage reservations through EPoS, including taking bookings for the future with or without deposits and managing bookings on the day of reservations. We will also look at dealing with "Tab Credit". The second video looks at using the Deposit Redemption function as a standalone feature, not linked to our reservation system.

If you use DesignMyNight as integration with Kobas, please see the specific page in the Knowledge Base for how this function works.

Online Ordering

There are four ways that orders can be placed online and then come through to your EPoS system:

You can find out more about how each integration works by using the links above. You may also wish to read about our Order Tracking facility within EPoS, which allows you to accept orders (where required), and to monitor an order through the preparation stages.