Email status troubleshooting

This article explains the Kobas automated email system and provides troubleshooting steps should emails fail or not be received.

Last updated 13 Dec 2022

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Amazon Web Services provide the Email sending service from Kobas Cloud. This is an internally known and respected information technology infrastructure service and is exceptionally reliable, secure and legally compliant. Currently, the following areas of Kobas can send emails:

Email Status

Once we send a request for AWS to send an email on your behalf, we will then receive back information as to that Email's status. Due to the potential consequences to your business, we currently display email status in the Kobas Stock Ordering system.

The Email Status will be blank where there are no settings active to send an email. Where settings exist, one of three statuses will be shown:

  • Pending: email is in a queue to be sent from the Kobas server
  • Failed: email could not be delivered or the Email has been suppressed
  • Delivered: email has successfully been sent to the Supplier, but has yet to be opened.
  • Received: Kobas has received an open notification for this email. Note that some email providers won't send received notifications. You should talk to your supplier regarding this.

The Email Status is displayed on the main screen of the order and in the orders list. You can also display a widget on your home page that shows pending orders and their email status.

The Email Status only relates to where the supplier is set up to receive automatic emails for the order in Administration > Stock Suppliers. The Email Status will not relate to any manually emailed orders.

Warning: Due to regulatory and legal compliance, there may be a few occasions where your supplier doesn't receive the email and within Kobas still shows as "Pending".

Why emails may not be sent

If an email remains as Pending and the supplier is not receiving the email, then the email has not been sent because it has either been marked as spam or was not deliverable to that email address.

As a policy, if an email to an email address bounces (sent but cannot be received) three times, then emails will no longer send to that address for a fixed period.

This could be if they have a full inbox or the email address has been deleted, then Kobas can no longer send emails to this address for 60 days and it will be marked "Pending".

To protect the reputation of Kobas and our clients, we do not send spam emails. When an email has been marked as spam or directed to the spam folder by the recipient (known as a complaint), we will no longer send emails to this address for a fixed period of 365 days and it will be marked "Pending".

Example: An email sent to a specific supplier has been marked as Spam by an employee of that supplier as it is a shared mailbox. This acts as a complaint, blocking that address for 365 days.

How to rectify unsent emails

  1. You are likely to first know about this if you do not receive your delivery, or if the supplier advises they haven't received the email.
  2. Contact the supplier to find out why the email may have "bounced" (see above).
  3. Check that your supplier has resolved the issue (such as making space in their inbox, or adding Kobas to the safe sender's list, for example).
  4. Contact the Support Help Desk, informing us of the above details and then we can attempt to override the email block.