DesignMyNight Integration Settings


DesignMyNight is London’s go-to guide and booking system. With the integration, bookings made through DesignMyNight will be pushed through your venue’s Kobas EPoS.

Enabling DesignMyNight Integration 

To enable the integration, all you need to do is access Administration > Integration Settings > Reservations on Kobas Cloud. Tick the checkbox and your API Credentials will be revealed that you will need to supply to your DesignMyNight Account Manager. Click the icon next to API Credentials to copy. 

There are two settings to choose from: push all bookings, or bookings with deposits only. You will need to specify to your DesignMyNight Account Manager which bookings you would like pushed to your EPoS.


DesignMyNight Integration


As soon as DesignMyNight have implemented the settings and confirmed them, then the integration is complete.