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Daily Tasks: Hours

Daily Tasks: Hours

This section allows you to review the hours logged in Kobas Cloud, and confirm that these were the hours worked by your staff.

This page gets information from a variety of places, so it’s important to make sure that the times in the Pay From and Pay To fields are correct.


Rotad Staff

If a member of staff is rotad, their Pay From and Pay To times will be populated automatically. If the member of staff has clocked in and out on your EPoS, we will use their Clock Times, if they have not clocked in and out, the fields will be populated by their Rota Start/Rota End times. If a member of staff has not worked their shift you can give the reason by using the drop-down menu under Full Shift Worked.

If Worked is selected from this menu, then the member of staff must have a shift length of over 15 minutes.

Cover Staff

If a member of staff was not on the rota for this day, but they have clocked in and out, they will appear under Cover Staff. Their Pay From and Pay To times will be populated by their Clock Times. If there are no clock times, you can still add shifts by selecting Add Cover Shift.


If you are using our tronc system then all members of staff will be allocated a percentage of the total tips pot. If you would like to add individual tips for certain members of staff, inputting a figure here will add these tips to the staff member’s pay in the hours export. In the example above, Daniel Gilligan has been awarded £50.00 in tips, separate to any tronc he may have earned.