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Daily Tasks: Creating your Closing Checklist

In order to complete your Daily Tasks, you will first need to create a checklist; this list dictates which tasks your staff will have to complete, the order in which they should be completed, and whether the task is daily, weekly, or monthly.

Each venue has its own customisable checklist, so you only have to select the tasks that are relevant to each site. The step-by-step process only allows you to progress to the next task once the current task has been completed, leaving nothing to chance.

Creating a Closing Task Checklist

To create your checklist, you must access Daily Operations > Regular Tasks and the select your chosen venue from the drop-down menu.

Select Venue

Once selected, you will see the Opening, In-Shift and Closing tasks for your venue. This guide will use Closing Tasks as the example, but the principles remain the same for each category.Closing-Tasks-2

The table above shows the tasks currently assigned to our venue. By using the EditDelete, and Add Another buttons, we are able to change the number, order, and frequency of which the tasks that will appear. Tasks will default to “Daily,” but selecting Edit will allow you to change this to either a Weekly, or Monthly task.

If you wish to reorder the sequence in which your tasks appear, please note that reassigning a single task’s “Order” number will not automatically reorder the entire selection. It is therefore important to ensure that each task is manually assigned a unique number, which is then saved by selecting Update. Once you have refreshed your page, the table will display the new order you’ve created.

Now that your check-list is created; it is possible to complete your tasks by accessing Daily Tasks > Closing Tasks. These tasks must be completed in order to close your day’s session and confirm your figures in Kobas Cloud. When the Closing Tasks are completed each night, KOBAS will send a snapshot email, including a breakdown of your day’s figures, to your nominated email address(es).