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Daily Tasks: Cash Log

Your Cash Log declaration is where you enter your figures after cashing up. This is a blind process, meaning that all of your totals will be uploaded directly from your EPoS server. To begin your Cash Log declaration, all you need to do is print a Z Read from one of your EPoS unit. This task cannot be started without this first taking place.

Final Cash Declaration


The left hand column is automatically populated with the figures from your EPoS Z read. The middle column is the Final Cash Declaration, which is where you will be inputting your figures.

When adding the cash, remember that you are putting the number of each denomination, not the cash value.

The final, right-hand column is where KOBAS automatically calculates the cash and card totals of your Final Cash Declaration and compares with your Till Z Report, in order to calculate any variance therein.

Before you save your declaration, you must enter a unique value for Cash Bag #, this will help distinguish your cash bags once they have been banked.

Weekly Cash Log

Once you have completed your Daily Cash Log, your Weekly Cash Log will be automatically updated. The Weekly Cash Log is accessible through Daily Tasks > Cash Logs and by default, will show Cash Logs for all venues, which can be filtered down as needed.Closing-Tasks-12