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Automated birthday offers and emails

This guide will help you to set up automated emails and Birthday vouchers to your customers.

Last updated 13 Dec 2022

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Sending birthday emailers to your customers is a great way to keep them engaged. Not only does it build customer loyalty, but it also shows your appreciation for them.

The Kobas loyalty system has made it easy to set up automated birthday emailers and apply a discount voucher of your choice.

Note: Our system will check and not send a further Birthday email to any customers who have received one within the last 11 months. This prevents customers from fraudulently receiving more than one birthday voucher. Be aware that this safeguard will not work when you change the voucher given for Birthdays.

Warning: Due to regulatory and legal compliance, there may be a few occasions where your customer doesn't receive the email and within Kobas still shows as "Pending". Read here to find out more and how this can be resolved.

Setting Up

You can set this up by navigating to the following section in Cloud Administration > Kobas System Preferences.

From the drop-down list, select show preferences in ‘Birthday Emails’.

Then, you will need to edit the relevant sections below:

  • Are we sending birthday emails? Click to edit and set the value to True
  • Birthday Emails – Reply-To Address? Include an email address customers can respond to
  • Birthday Emails – Sender Name? We would recommend using your company name here.
  • Birthday Emails 1 – Message? This section needs to be in an HTML format. There are many free resources online for basic HTML generation and editing (one example you can find here: https://html5-editor.net/). A good source of high-quality HTML may be the manager of your current website as the first place to obtain your HTML formatted design. Once you have the HTML format, you can simply copy and paste all HTML formatted text into this section box.
  • Birthday Emails 1 – Subject. Edit this to include a subject line. We would recommend avoiding phrases such as ‘free’, ‘offer’ and ‘winner’ as those might trigger spam filters
  • Birthday Emails 1 - suppress if a customer has already booked? You can choose to suppress sending an email if a customer already has a future booking
  • Birthday Report? All email addresses set here will receive a copy of the summary birthday emails report
  • How many birthday emails are we sending? Kobas can send a sequence of 1, 2, or 3 birthday emails on the run-up to a customer’s birthday
  • The number of days in advance to send email 1? Here you can set the number of days ahead of your customer's birthday to send out the first email
  • On-birthday email - assign voucher? Provided you have already created a discount or promotion in Discount Manager, you'll be able to select the voucher from the drop-down list and allocate it to the birthday emailer.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your HTML format, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Help Desk.