Customer analysis

Understanding your customer base and their behaviour within your business is essential to planning for your future.

Last updated 08 May 2024

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We currently have two reports that provide information on your customer database in Reports > Customer Analysis.

Furthermore, you can go to Your Customers > Customers to:

  • Export the customer database (as a CSV spreadsheet). This is a simple list of personal details, marketing consent, favourite venue, last login/transaction, average transaction value, and marketing consent.

And over in Your Customers > Reservations, you can:

  • Export the reservations list (as a CSV spreadsheet). This is a simple list of booking references, venue, customer, date, time, guests, payments, and timestamps.

It is also worth looking at the reports available within our Scheduled Report Engine that relate to customers.

Note: Please note that reports will require the correct Permission Levels to view.


Loyalty Scheme Report

This report provides useful data on your loyalty scheme member numbers, transactions that have had a loyalty customer associated with them, and the rewards granted to your members.

You can filter by date range and venue to see statistics for a specific period. All revenue figures are gross and based on your theoretical sales.

The report generates "offline" due to the vast amount of data required to be searched so as not to impact your live account and slow performance. This means that when you press "generate report" it will take some time before the report is ready, and you will see the spinning wheel instead of the "View" button whilst this is happening.


  • Transaction Data: This export will list you each transaction associated with a customer loyalty account, including spend and items purchased.
  • Venue Summary: This export views the total visits and spending to each venue per customer, allowing you to explore your customers' attendance across your venues.
  • Voucher Usage: View each voucher applied to a loyalty account in the dater range, and whether they were redeemed or expired. This is useful to help analyse the impact of a loyalty campaign.


  • Track how your loyalty scheme is growing over time and view member numbers by sign-up completion status. To be fully active, a member needs to have both confirmed their email address and made a purchase at a venue.
  • Per venue, figures are calculated based on member acquisition at that venue. As members can be acquired directly online, per-venue figures may not equal the overall totals. Any purchases or receipt codes used shortly after a customer signs up online will associate their acquisition with their first venue visit.


  • View information on all purchases that have a loyal customer associated with them, including revenue generated and average loyalty transaction value.
  • This information is displayed as a comparison to the same data from non-members.


  • View information on all transactions where a reward has been redeemed by a loyalty customer, including revenue generated by rewards transactions and average reward transaction value. See all rewards combined or a detailed view of selected rewards.


Reservations Report

This report provides useful data on the status of your reservations and associated guests, payments added to reservations, reservation tags, and reservation lead times. All data can be viewed by Reservation Date or Action Date.

Filter by date range and venue to see statistics for a specific period. This report includes reservations made via Kobas Cloud and EPoS, as well as third-party integrations such as DesignMyNight.



  • Visually see the venue split for reservations, number of guests, and payments.

Reservation status:

  • View information on the status of your reservations (added, no-shows, and canceled) and associated guests, with reservations displayed as bars, and guests displayed as lines.

Reservation payments:

  • View information on payments added to reservations, with the number of reservation payments represented as bars, and the monetary value of reservations represented as lines.

Reservation tags:

  • View information on tags (personal/corporate) added to reservations, with reservations displayed as bars, and guests displayed as lines.

Reservation lead time:

  • Lead time is the length of time between a reservation being created in Kobas, and the date the reservation is set to occur. This graph displays the average lead time for the period selected.