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Who do I contact in Kobas?

We understand that it is important to access the right support when you need it. This page guides you through our teams and how to get the support you need.

Last updated 23 Aug 2023

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We are always working to ensure that Kobas is intuitive and works well, as well as improving our self-help support and troubleshooting. We provide various tools to ensure that your organisation can get the best out of Kobas at all times:

  • Line Managers - Your line manager is often a good port of call as they will have had more input from the Kobas team, and can often help you with your issue. 
  • Kobas Champion - Find out in your organisation who is your Kobas Champion, and make contact with them to draw on their additional knowledge and training. 
  • Knowledge Base - This is the comprehensive Kobas user manual and hosts our online learning guides. A quick search may resolve your issue quickly.
  • Keeping up to date - We continually work to make your Kobas experience better and keeping updated with the changes we make can be useful.

The Client Success Team here at Kobas are always available to answer your questions and take a look when Kobas isn't working as you would expect it to. 

Client Success Team

Onboarding & Account Management

You might have a specific contact with Kobas who can give you extra support around how you use Kobas within your business:

  • Onboarding Team - From the point your contract is signed, our Onboarding team will be in touch with you to help you through every step of getting Kobas into your business. This includes training and post-install support. The team will also be involved with new venues, hardware changes or should you begin to use new areas of Kobas in the future.
  • Account Management - Some of our clients will be managed accounts with a dedicated Account Manager to work with you to get the best out of Kobas once you are onboarded.

Support Help Desk

All Kobas clients have full access to our Support Help Desk. The team can investigate instances where Kobas doesn't appear to be working as you expect, and provide support and advice on using the system where this is required.

Primary access to the service is by email, as this allows us to triage incoming requests and where requests are urgent, to help resolve these first:


You can also press the Help & Support link at the bottom left of your Kobas Cloud account.

Urgent issues: Where you are unable to take orders, process payments, or use EPoS, KDS or print dockets, you can call us using 020 7633 9449 and choose Option 3.

We provide support in line with our Service Level Agreement, at the following times:

  • 09:00 to 20:00 on weekdays excluding public holidays
  • 12:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays
  • 12:00 to 16:00 on Sundays and public holidays, excluding:
    • New Year’s Day – Closed
    • Good Friday – Closed
    • Easter Day – Closed
    • Christmas Eve – Close at 14:00
    • Christmas Day – Closed
    • Boxing Day – Closed
    • New Year’s Eve – Close at 18:00

Issues requiring Technical or Engineering resources to resolve will be resolved during business hours (weekdays 9.30am - 6pm).

To enable the support desk to resolve your issue as efficiently, please provide as much detail about the issue as you can. This will need to include but is not limited, to:

  • Company ID, Venue, Date and Time
  • Specific references, such as Booking No, Customer ID, Receipt reference, etc.
  • Examples of when the issue has happened
  • Exactly what you expected to happen, and what specifically has happened
  • Any troubleshooting that you had already attempted before contacting support


For queries relating to Direct Debits, invoices and making payments, you can contact our Accounts Team directly by emailing accounts@kobas.co.uk.