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Creating and managing Batches (previously known as Stock Products)

This article explores terminology and processes around the creating and managing of batches within Kobas.

Last updated 02 May 2023

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We suggest reading the Stock Introduction and Managing Ingredients prior to reading this article.


Warning: Good Account Hygiene is essential when dealing with aspects of Kobas that can create a lot of outdated data. Please take a look at this guide to keep your system healthy!

What is a Batch within Kobas?

Batches, previously known as Stock Products, are items that you keep in stock that you have made from your Ingredients. For example, if tomatoes and basil are Ingredients you purchase from a supplier, then the Tomato Sauce you make out of them would be a Batch.

To view the Batches you already have set up, go to Operations > Manage Batches. From this screen you will be able to:

Create a new Batch

In order to set up a new Batch, click New Batch. You will land on this screen:

  • Name - This is the name of the Batch, which will be used for reporting, stock checks, and adding to EPoS Items and Modifiers.
  • Display Name - Choose a Display Name for the Batchwhich is used instead of the main Name on your KDS counters.
  • Category - Choose which Batch Category this Batch comes under, there's more about this in the Stock Introduction and is used for stock checks and reporting.
  • The batch is measured in - this will dictate how the Batch is measured when added into EPoS Items and Modifiers, and within Stock Checks. The default measurements are milliliters (ml), grams (g), and items. This allows you to measure liquids, solids, and pre-packaged items. You can read more about this here.
  • How many of this batch does the recipe below yield - This tells the system how much of the batch the ingredient makes. For instance, if this makes 500ml of sauce. 
  • Cost - This totals the cost of the ingredients required to make this recipe, and will be used in GP calculations.
  • Select Ingredients/Batches - These options allow you to select the ingredients and other Batches to include within this Batch. Once you have selected them, you can define the quantity of each ingredient used.