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Your Cash Log explained

Your Cash Log

A Cash Log is generated when closing tasks for a venue has been completed. This can be located in Kobas under Daily Tasks -> Cash Logs. Here is a full breakdown of a particular cash log.

Initial set of information details the VenueDate and who it was Logged By along with some Notes, that can be retrospectively updated. Next and previous cash logs can also be viewed instantly allowing you to easily cycle through them.



The Overview section follows which provide the following information:

  • Cash Declared is the total value of all the cash bags declared.
  • PDQ Revenue is the total value of all PDQ revenue which does not include tips or service.
  • Cheques is the total value of all cheques declared.
  • Deposits Received is Payments received that will be redeemed at a later date.
  • Deposits Redeemed is total value of sales for which a deposit has been previously received.
  • Paid Out is total value of petty cash spent on ad-hoc expenses.
  • Third Party Income is total value of income from a third party income.
  • Expected Payments is theoretical value of payments received reported by your tills added to the Deposits Received and Cash Tips declared.
  • Declared Payments is the actual value of payments received. It is the sum of Cash DeclaredPDQ RevenueGratuityDeposits RedeemedCheques, Paid Outs, and Third Party Income.
  • Declared Revenue is the portion of your Declared Payments attributed to sales. It is your Declared Payments excluding Gratuity and Deposits Received.
  • Till Float Variance is the difference between your combined till opening and closing floats.
  • Overall Variance is the difference between Expected Payments and your Declared Payments.
  • Overall Variance Percent is the Overall Variance expressed as a percentage of your Expected Payments. Red figures are over the variance threshold (1%)



The Cash section displays the total amount of coins and notes declared in the cash bags and any cash tips declared. Cash Tips can be edited and the changes will reflect in the Overview section.

cash log



The PDQ section details the total taken by PDQ devices.

The number of PDQ devices can vary depending on the venue therefore it may show one or more. Each grand total is broken down into Other CardsAmex, and Tips. These amounts can be updated and changes will reflect in the Overview section.

PDQ section



The Gratuity section contains discretionary Service Charges that are added to a bill before it is paid, and any Tips which are left in addition to the final bill value.  Cash. Service charge amounts can be updated and changes will reflect in the Overview section.



Custom Fields

In addition to the standard reporting above, Kobas allow you to optionally track custom fields such as Other SalesVoucher or Footfall based figures. These sections may show up based on your configuration and updating these values do not impact on any of the the overall cash up in the Overview. They are simply there to provide an indicative figure. Please contact us for support if you require guidance on setting this up.

Custom Fields

Orders Taken

Kobas keeps a running count of the number of orders taken in a session. These will be broken down by consumption type (Eat-InTakeawayDelivery). When creating a tab on your EPoS, you have the option to add the number of Covers, which will be recorded here, along with the Number of Tabs without Covers set. The Average Spend Per Head is calculated only across tabs that have had the number of covers set. Outstanding Tab Credit show the cash value of any tabs that have not been settled at the close of a session.Order Taken

Average Net Transaction Value

This section will provide you a breakdown of your Average Net Transaction Value by consumption type. If you use multiple consumption types, then you will be able to compare performance, if you only use a single consumption type, then only this type will appear. Please note that the figure refers to the value of a final bill, after all deductions such as tax have been made.

Average Net Transaction