What to do when your internal network fails

Kobas is a cloud based service so ideally you will have have a stable internet connection in your venue. We know that’s not always possible and Kobas can cope with the rare occasions it goes down as to not interrupt trade. However, what the tills do need is a constant connection to your on-site server. When this connection is lost we show you an error message, like the one below, so you know exactly what has happened.


This will almost certainly be an issue with your local network which is separate from Kobas. As such there is often little we can do remotely (though obviously we will always be happy to assist and advise where possible).

What should I do if my network fails?


If you have an IT department or possibly even a third party organisation that take care of your IT and network equipment you should contact them in the first instance, but there are a couple of things you can do at a venue level.

  • Check all the cables, especially around any routers and network hubs (switches). But also going into the tills and the back of the server. Don’t unplug anything but just make sure everything is still plugged in securely and that cables are in good condition (not frayed/broken etc). You should see some lights on the LAN port of the EPoS.
  • Check your Network equipment. To clarify this means your router and any switches in use. Make sure they are powered on and the status lights are on.
  • Restart your Network equipment. Again, this is your router etc. You shouldn’t restart any Kobas equipment such as your server unless you are advised to do so by a Kobas staff member.

At this point you’ve done all you can and hopefully your network (after a few minutes) will be back up and connected, the till constantly attempts to reconnect so you won’t need to take any action once the network is back up. If not, it may point to a more serious issue with your local network and you will need to take steps to rectify this.