Online Ordering: Stripe Settings

To get started with Online Ordering in Kobas, you will first need an account with Stripe – a third-party payments processor – which will then allow you to enable the required settings to start taking orders.

Under Administration > Integration Settings, there are 3 tabs pertinent to Online Ordering. These are: Online PaymentsCIC, and unsurprisingly, Online Ordering.

Online Payments must be activated first to allow payments to be taken. This tab allows you to input Stripe details by clicking Edit Stripe Details. You can add multiple Stripe accounts to your Kobas account – for operators running venues as different business entities – by clicking Add Stripe Details.

Each set of Stripe Details requires a name, a publishable key, and a secret key. The name is used internally in Kobas, when adding a Stripe account to a venue’s details. The two keys must match your Stripe account and can be found in Stripe, through the main dashboard, by clicking Developers > API Keys.

Once your Stripe payment details are saved, it is possible to enable Online Ordering by clicking the appropriate checkbox. Once activated, it will be possible to enable settings for participating venues through Administration > Venue Settings.

Nothing will be published to your CIC until this has been enabled by ticking the checkbox on the final tab, allowing you to set up with confidence, as nothing can accidentally go live to your customers too soon.