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Daily Tasks: Safe and Till Logs

Safe Log

The Safe Log allows you to declare the total amount of cash in your safe.

Simply type the actual value of each denomination that you have and Kobas will automatically compare this against the value that was recorded as part of your opening tasks, and against the par value if you have one  set. If there is any variance between these figures, an automatic email will be generated and sent to the venue’s manager, as well as any area managers (if appropriate).

Once completed, you will be able to find this log under Daily Tasks > Safe Logs, along with every other safe log that has been recorded. Here you can easily see if logs have been completed as part of opening and closing tasks, using a simple tick/cross system.

Till Log

Till Logs work similarly to Safe Logs. All that is required is to input the till float values as a part of your opening tasks, and then as part of your closing tasks. Any variance between Opening, Closing, or Par levels will generate an automatic email.

Till Logs do differ from Safe Logs in that you can either input the value of each denomination, or simply the total value. It is recommended that you input each denomination separately, as Kobas will then automatically calculate your totals.

Once you have completed your Till Logs, they will be automatically added to your Till Log Report: accessible through Daily Tasks>Till Float Logs.