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Daily Tasks

Your Daily Tasks are configurable set of logs and declarations that allow your staff to stay on top of everything that needs to be done at the beginning and end of a shift. Some of these tasks are identical for Opening and Closing, and whilst this guide is written from the perspective of your Closing Tasks, the principles remain the same for Opening.

Closing Tasks allow your staff to confirm that the information recorded by your EPoS is correct. Whilst none of the tasks are compulsory, you should note that to close your session and for your cash figures and hours to appear in Kobas Cloud, you must complete the Cash Log and Hours tasks.

Once a Z-Report has been printed from one of your EPoS units, your figures and hours are automatically uploaded to your EPoS server; if your server is connected to the internet, these figures will be automatically uploaded to your Kobas Cloud account.

If your server is temporarily unable to access the internet, you should follow the steps in this guide.

Please note that you cannot start your Closing Tasks until Opening Tasks are completed.

Creating Your Daily Tasks

Creating a Checklist

Completing Your Daily Tasks

See below for our guide to managing and actioning your daily, weekly and monthly closing tasks.

Safe Logs and Till Logs
Cash Log
Incidents, Paid Outs, and Handovers