Post Item Selection Configuration (Modifiers)

Learn more about Post Item Selection Configuration (Modifiers), also known as product modifiers.

Post Item Selection Configuration groups, sometimes called ‘modifiers’, and henceforth referred to as PISCs for short, are options that can be selected after a PLU has been added to the basket.

There are all sorts of reasons that you might want to add a PISC to an item, from cooking instructions to the kitchen, to extra toppings on an ice-cream sundae, to mixers for a spirit. To cater to these different needs, there are two different types of PISC: Single and Multiple Select.

To make changes to Post Item Selection groups, or to add a new one, please first access EPoS > Post Item Selection Configuration in Kobas Cloud.

Single Select PISCs:

Single Select PISCs are the default type of group and only allow you to select one option. This is best used for cooking instructions, where there is a choice of or B.

For instance, if you have steak on your menu, you can add a PISC with suitable cooking options: “Rare”, “Medium”, and “Well-Done”. You can only cook a steak in one way, so once you’ve selected your option, the PISC group will close and you’ll go to the next screen.

Multiple Select PISCs:


Multiple Select PISCs allow you to pick more than one option before being taken to the next screen. This is best used for items where a customer might want something extra, such as a burger that could come with bacon, or could come with cheese, or could come with both.

Alternatively, your customer might just want it plain. With a Multiple Select PISC you can set the number of options that can be selected:

Overall Maximum: It is compulsory to set the number of total options that can be selected on this PISC group.

Overall Minimum: It’s compulsory to set the minimum number of options that must be selected on this PISC group.

Individual Maximum: It’s compulsory to set the maximum number of times that an individual option can be selected within a PISC group.

Adding your PISC Group to a PLU

Once you’ve created your PISC, you’ll need to add it to a PLU for use on your EPoS.

To do this, access EPoS > Item (PLU) Manager. Select the PLU you wish to amend and select the Post Item Selection Config tab.

Use the dropdown menu to select the group you want to add. If you add multiple groups, you can change the order in which they appear on EPoS by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.


Once you’ve added a PISC group to a PLU, there’s nothing you need to do (other than Download Data of course!) to use them. As soon as a relevant PLU is added to the basket, the PISC pop-up will appear.

Happy modifying!