Orders & Deliveries

Understand how to manage orders and deliveries within your Kobas Stock Control system.

How do I receive a delivery without an existing order?

To record a delivery without an existing order, go to Operations > Orders & Deliveries. On this page, an information bar at the top of the page offers a link for receiving a delivery from an external supplier without an existing order.

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This links to a Record New Delivery form in which new Suppliers can be accepted.

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Once the form has been filled out, click Record delivery. A list of all the ingredients under the supplier will appear allowing for the recording of ingredient quantities, as shown below:

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To finish recording the delivery, click Save delivery.

Do I need to input information for Net Total, Gross Total and Reference before I click Record Delivery?

No, these will be left blank and are automatically filled out once the delivery is saved.

How do I attach files under Delivery and Invoice Info? 

To attach files, click Edit delivery which can be found on the bottom right of the screen. Click the upload icon on the Attachment box and choose the appropriate file. 

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How do I review my orders?

Under Orders & Deliveries, it is easy to search for all previously made orders by clicking either Orders to Receive or Transfers to Receive. Additionally, you can use the Advanced filters to narrow down the search by who placed the order, from which supplier it was ordered, the date the order was placed, or the status of the order. 

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An ingredient has arrived that wasn’t part of the original order. How can I add it to the order?

When receiving a new delivery, you will be taken to the Record New Delivery page. On this page, there is text followed by a button, stating Ingredients Delivered +Add. 

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Clicking on +Add, will load the new item picker, allowing you to select the received item(s):

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Select the individual items by opening the categories (click the arrows to the right of each item category) and checking the individual boxes. Alternatively, add entire categories by checking the boxes next to the category names.

Press OK to add the items to the list along with all the other ingredients received with the order. Specify the number of full packs or units received, and then Save delivery.

What happens if I don’t get all the items in my order?

In the event that an order is missing a number of items, you can edit the number in the delivery. So, if you were expecting an item x10 and only received 8, you can either edit the number in the Full Packs column or the Units column.

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Once saved, the change in quantity will be reflected on the Delivery receive page and the received quantity will be recorded.

How do I delete an order/delivery?

In order to delete an order or delivery, go Operations > Orders & Deliveries. Search for the order or delivery you are looking to delete by scrolling through the list or by filtering using the Advanced filters.

To delete an order, click Actions next to the order in question and click Delete.

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A prompt will appear- click OK

When it comes to deleting a delivery, click Actions and then click View. You will be taken to the delivery’s page. Click Actions and then Delete this delivery.

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