Events and Ticketing

There is some set up required in order to be able to start using Kobas’s events and ticketing features. If you would like to get started using these features, then please contact us.

Kobas’s events and ticketing features give you the tools to create events with tickets easily available for purchase online.

Follow these steps to get an event set up with tickets available for customers to purchase online:

Step 1: Creating an Event

Go to Your Customers > Events in Kobas Cloud. This page lists all upcoming events and gives you the option of viewing past events.

Click on “New Event” and this will take you to a form to set up the details for your event.

Remember that details entered on this page set what is visible on the public event page.

Set a booking fee if required and if you want to add a banner image to the public event page you can upload one here.

Whatever you enter into the “Purchase Email” field will make up the body of the automatic email that is sent to customers upon purchase of tickets. You can customise this with HTML if required, or you can enter plain text if you want to keep it simple.

Click “Save Event” and your event will go live. A public event page will be created, reflecting the details you entered when creating the event. This page will remain live until the date of the event.

The event is given a unique ID which you can find next to each event listed on Your Customers > Events. To find the public event page, enter your events site’s URL with a forward slash and the ID at the end (eg.

Step 2: Creating Tickets

Once you have set up your event you will need to set up tickets for your customers to purchase.

Go to Your Customers > Events and click “Go” beside the relevant event. Click “Add Ticket” and fill in the resulting form to set up tickets for sale.

Here you can set the base price for the tickets (remember that the booking fee is set up separately when creating the event), the number of tickets available and at what point the event page lists the number of tickets remaining.

Click “Save Ticket” to make the tickets available for purchase through the customer-facing event page.

It is worth noting that you can add multiple ticket bands by following the above steps. This allows you to have different tiers of tickets with different availability; for example if you want a more expensive VIP tier with more exclusive availability than general admission.

Step 3 (optional): Creating Discounts

You may want to set up a discount code that some customers can apply when purchasing their tickets.

To do this, go to Your Customers > Events and click “Go” beside the relevant event. Click “Add Discount” and fill in the resulting form.

There are 3 kinds of discounts available that can be applied against tickets: fixed price (£_ off the price), percentage (_% off the price), or no booking fee. Set the duration the code is valid for, and the number of times it can be applied.

A unique code will then be generated and when a customer applies this when purchasing their tickets the discount will apply.

You can create as many discount codes as you would like by following this method.

Public Event Page

Once you have completed both steps 1 and 2, customers will be able to purchase tickets online through the customer-facing public event page.

This is a very simple process for the customer – they must simply enter their details, select what tickets they would like and enter any discount codes if applicable. From there they are taken through to an integrated Sage Pay form to enter in their credit card details to purchase their tickets.

Once payment has gone through, the customer will be automatically emailed with a unique order I.D. On the day of the event, it is as simple as the customer showing either their email or order I.D on the door.

If you are currently using Kobas’s loyalty scheme it is worth noting that this ties into the ticket purchasing system. If a customer who is not signed up to loyalty purchases a ticket, then a loyalty account will be created for them. If a customer has purchased any tickets before, or is an existing loyalty customer, then Kobas will recognise their email address and record the ticket purchases on their loyalty account.

To see a list of customers who have purchased tickets, navigate to the event page in Kobas Cloud. Click “Edit” beside whichever ticket you want the sales information for and you will see all the customers who have purchased tickets listed under Ticket Purchases.

If you are not currently using Kobas’s events and ticketing functionality please contact us if you are interested in getting started.