Analysing your business and delegating authority

Learn more about the key areas you can report on within Kobas Insights and how to delegate access to specific members of the team.

A crucial Kobas raison d’être is hospitality business analysis. Kobas offers a growing number of reports containing invaluable business insight. This guide explains how they are grouped together and which permissions control access to them.

A hospitality business is grouped into four key areas of concern: your customer interaction, your team’s labour, your operational efficiency, and your revenue. Combining these with a fifth, overarching category, the Kobas reports section allows quick access to any of these five categories direct from the navigation, and via a drop down filter on the Reports page.


While Kobas Administrators can naturally see all reports, users at other levels in the business can be restricted to only see some of these analysis categories, and indeed subsets therein.


Within each permission there are one or more reports, as detailed here:

Customer Analysis – Loyalty

  • Loyalty Scheme

Customer Analysis – Reservations

  • Reservations

Labour Analysis – Attendance

  • Holiday Status
  • Holiday Taken
  • Punctuality & Sickness

Labour Analysis – Cost Breakdown

  • Labour Costs
  • Labour Per Person
  • Time Comparisons

Labour Analysis – Payroll

  • Hours Export
  • Labour Exchange
  • Tips Per Employee By Date

Labour Analysis – Retention

  • Length Of Service
  • Staff Turnover

Operations Analysis – Daily Actions

  • Incident Report
  • Petty Cash

Operations Analysis – Stock Financials

  • Stock Audit Trail Transactions
  • Stock Transfers

Operations Analysis – Stock Levels

  • Stock Ingredient Averages
  • Stock Current Position
  • Stock Usage Comparison

Overall Analysis

  • Operational Profitability

Revenue Analysis – Comparisons

  • Week On Week Sales
  • Year On Year Sales

Revenue Analysis – Headlines

  • Cash Log

Revenue Analysis – Item Sales

  • Item Sales All By Date
  • Item Sales Single By Date

Revenue Analysis – Sales Figures

  • Daily Sales Breakdown
  • Daily Sales By Interval
  • Daily Sales By Order
  • Discounts

Revenue Analysis – Sales Mix

  • Sales Mix By Lead Type
  • Sales Week Breakdown