Manage Ingredients

How do I add another measurement to my ingredient supply?

By accessing Operations > Manage Ingredients, new ingredients can be added with varying measurements and other supplier specifications. Alternatively, new measurements to an already existing ingredient can be added. 

By clicking New Ingredient the New Ingredient page will load. Here there are three separate sections: General Information, Supplier Information and Add Supply.

Under General Information you can assign a name, category, and if there are any venue restrictions for the new ingredient. 

Under Supplier Information, assign a measurement (items, grams and millilitres).

And under Add Supply you can assign measure per unit, units per pack, price, supplier, supplier code (optional) and tax code. 

To add another measurement to a pre-existing ingredient, all you need to do is click Edit next to the ingredient of choice on the Manage Ingredients page and then click where it says Add Supply +. A new Add Supply section will then appear, and the information can be filled out as required. Once completed, click Submit

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