Kitchen printer jammed

Many Kobas customers use the Star SP700 impact printer in their kitchens. By most accounts it is a good printer, but its Achilles Heel is that the paper clippings from the docket cutting mechanism often collect up inside and cause a jam.

The printer indicates the jam by beeping and showing a red status light where there’s usually a green status light by the Feed button. When we interrogate the printer remotely, it reports a “Non Recoverable Mechanical Error”. Sounds terrible. Usually, it’s easy to resolve by taking the following steps:

  • Power the printer off – disconnect both the power and network leads.
  • Open the paper bay and remove the roll of paper.
  • Open the ribbon bay and remove the ribbon.

Then, with both doors open, invert the printer and shake all excess clippings into a bin. With an old toothbrush or similar, try to coax all paper clippings out from around the cutter and roller mechanisms. A vacuum cleaner might help too if used cautiously.


Ensure the area circled in red is clear of debris.

Then reassemble, refitting the ribbon and paper roll and try again. If the red light continues to show try disconnecting the power once or twice more and trying to press the Feed button when it is on; these printers sometimes take a while to recognise that everything is unblocked.

If this works, great! It’s worth considering adding this to a schedule of chores you perform every month or so, dependant on your printer usage. If it didn’t work, sad times indeed. Contact and let us know you’ve already followed this guide, and we’ll work out a way forward with you.