Ingredients, Products and PLUs explained

Learn more about ingredients, products and PLUs in the Kobas stock and recipe system.

Ingredients, Products and PLUs explained

Accurate stock management is key to any business, yet keeping track of ingredients and products can often be laborious and inefficient; with Kobas however, it’s never been easier to create and manage products – old and new – within your Cloud and EPoS systems.

For example, you may receive tomatoes and a variety of herbs from your suppliers; these can be set up as individual Ingredients. However, when these ingredients are combined to create a tomato sauce; this sauce would be what we refer to as a Product (sometimes known as batches). When the finished product is added to your EPoS and assigned a price; this is a PLU.

See below for guides on how to manage your stock from delivery to point of sale.

PLU (EPoS Item)
Post Item Selection